Candy Bar Card

Need a last minute Valentine’s Day idea for your honey? How about a candy bar card! I remember doing these when I was younger. There are so many different candy bars you could include in your note and this doesn’t necessarily have to be for Valentine’s Day. You could make one for graduation, Father’s Day, Birthdays or many other occasions! If you Google “Candy Bar Card” you will see lots of different ideas :) I especially love THIS ONE.

My boys had fun helping me raid the candy bar aisle at Walgreens. We also picked up a piece of white poster board and a black sharpie pen. The candy is stuck on using packing tape. That is all you need!

I wanted it to start by saying “To my Big Hunk” but I couldn’t find a Big Hunk candy bar :( And I was going to end it with “I hope you find this card funny, love always your Bit-O-Honey” but I couldn’t find a Bit-O-Honey bar either.

Some other ideas would be:

“Our life is a Symphony” (using chocolate Symphony bar)
“There are many Riesens why I love you” (using Riesen candies)
“I love you Now and Later” (using Now and Laters)
“There is no one on Earth, Mars or in the Milky Way that is better than you!” (using Mars and Milky Way bars)
“Your a Life Saver” (using Life Saver candies)

Feel free to list some of your ideas in the comments!



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