DIY Fishing Game with Felt Fish

I’ve been meaning to make this little game for my boys for awhile. They love to pretend to fish and I’ve even seen big brother use pieces of scrap paper as his fish. It was time to make him a proper fishing set! I wanted to make this fun and simple for little brother too. I tried use a variety of colors and labeled each fish with a number so we could practice easy counting and color recognition.

Here are the materials I used:

– 8.5×11 Felt sheets in a variety of colors (Found at Michaels or any craft store)
– Round Magnets like these ones: Craft and Hobby Ceramic Disk Disc Magnets 3/8 Inch Diameter (15)  

– Fish template (see link below)
– Round Dowels from
– Wiggly Eyes from
– Small amount of twine or string
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors

Here is the template I made for the fish. Cut a heart for the mouth. The numbers I cut out freehand.

1. Use the template to cut out your fish shapes from the felt. Be sure to cut out two body pieces.
2. Hot glue the fins to the inside of the body portion and the number and tail fin to the top piece.
3. Hot glue the top body and bottom body together. Be sure to put a magnet in the middle.
4. Attach one end of string to dowel and tie the other end to a magnet.
5. Use a blue piece of felt or washcloth as your pond and go fishing!

I would ask big brother to fish for them in order from 1-5 or backwards from 5-1. and then I would ask little brother to find a specific number or color. For instance “find the green fish with the #2.”

They both had fun hanging out around the fishing hole this morning… right up until their fishing rods got tangled and big brother decided he wanted the game all to himself. Never a dull moment in this house :)

*Items from were given to me for free. is dedicated to kids’ arts and crafts projects for preschool children to tweens. Products featured on their site are all available in the Kids’ Crafts aisle at popular retailers.



  1. says

    OMG!!!!! those are the cutest! I LOVEEEEEEEEE these so stinking cute you did a great job! you should enter the allsorts challenge the challenge is Lets get cute!

    Great job LOVE your blog x

    please consider turning off the word verification its so hard to decipher!

  2. Ruth says

    These are great! I am on halfterm this week so shd be able to whip up a couple of these sets before returnng on the 18th Feb, my little ones witll think these fab!

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