Gumball Machine Color Matching with Craft Pom Poms

I have a large jar of craft pom poms in the craft room. Lately, the boys have decided that this jar of poms is their new toy. But I actually don’t mind. This one jar has kept them occupied for as long as 30 minutes (that’s a big WIN in my book)! They love to spill them, sort them, put them back in the jar, line them up, arrange them in circles or flower shapes. It is a great distraction when I am trying to do simple daily tasks like take a shower. But it got me thinking… maybe I should create an activity with these pom poms. Little brother is mastering his colors and big brother is working on learning how to read. So I came with an activity that I think helped both boys.

I created a printable gumball machine that can be used four ways. There are blank gumballs (good for fine motor skills), gumballs with just words (good for beginning readers), gumballs with just colors (good for color matching and recognition) and lastly, gumballs with words and colors (another good activity for early readers).

I have made all four worksheets as printable PDF’s (all can be printed on standard 8.5x11printer paper):

Blank printable HERE

Printable with just words HERE

Printable with just colors HERE

Printable with colors and words HERE

All you need for this project are assorted color craft pom-poms (sold in crafts stores or on, Elmer’s glue, and the gumball machine printable. It helps to pour some of the glue on a paper plate for easy dipping.

Or you can skip the glue and craft poms because I think this would be a great project for Paint Dab Markers (found on
I started little brother out with the blank sheet and big brother with the one with color and words. Little brother got about halfway through and lost interest but that was what I expected for a 2-year-old. Big brother (4-years-old) LOVED this activity. In fact, I am confident he could have easily used the worksheet with just words. He even told me “Mommy, this is a fun activity, thanks for making it for me!” He is such a sweetheart :) 

I hope you enjoy this craft in the classroom or at home anytime of year! It’s a fun piece to display as well :)



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    Your "printable with just colors" link goes to the "printable with just words" link, fyi. I just printed out three different sheets for my three oldest – 6,5,3. Thanks!

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    This printable is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing it. I love that you included all of the different options (with words, without words, in color, in black and white). Now I can use different one with both my 2 year old and my 5 year old! :)

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