Crochet Hair Clips

This isn’t my own pattern, but I thought I would share some cute crochet hair clips I made for my baby girl. They clip onto headbands or can be worn by themselves. With so many different color combinations, they can really complete an outfit!

The headbands are from GCH (Girls Crochet Headbands) and I have the Starter Set found HERE. They were only $3.49 for a pack of 12 headbands!! But I am sure you have seen these before in stores like Target and Walmart.

The Pattern is FREE and from a Very Berry Handmade blog and its called A Frothy Flower. I stopped crocheting after Round 5. I’m not going to repost her pattern but I took some pictures of each step of the flower process to help. But once you get the hang of the pattern it goes very quickly! I have made over 15 of these flowers :)

You can find the pattern HERE.

1. This is what it should look like at the end of round 2.
2. After round 3.
3. Where to make your chains/slip stitches in round 4
4. End of round 4.
5. Round 5 and finished flower.
6. What the backside of the flower looks like.

The buttons are Favorite Findings Big Bag of Buttons which you can find at Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels crafts stores.

So once you have your flower crocheted and your button sewn on the middle, you will want to attach it to a hair clip.

I suggest using Alligator Barrettes like THESE ONES I found at Walmart. You will also need some ribbon and your hot glue gun.

Hot glue the ribbon to the hair clip. Start hot-gluing on the inside top edge and wrap the ribbon around until you get the bottom. I cut the ribbon short and left the bottom exposed.

Then hot glue the ribbon covered clip onto the crochet flower. 
The flat part of the clip should be facing down.

Now you are done! Clip it onto the headband or directly into your child’s hair!



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    Gorgeous use of my pattern – thanks so much for the lovely mention too. I will direct folks to your pictures in the future – I wrote the pattern in my early blogging days when I didn't realise that photos might be helpful (I was a wally, what can I say!?).

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