Felt Shark Finger Puppet

Who else is watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?! Hubby has got me watching a couple episodes and let me tell you, I am for sure never going into ocean water again! Yikes! But this little felt shark finger puppet is completely harmless :) Kid friendly too!
All you need to do is print out this simple template and cut the pieces from felt. Use gray for the body, red for the mouth and white felt for the teeth. 

Make sure to cut out two pieces of the body.

Now hot glue the teeth to the mouth and the mouth to one side of the body. Add a googly eye as well!
Then you will want to hot glue around the inside edge of the second body piece. Hot glue all the way around EXCEPT the space between the bottom fin and the tail fin. This is where your finger will go.

Enjoy your shark puppet and have a happy Shark Week!



  1. Ashley Warden says

    This finger puppet is so cute!! Is the template available for a free download instead of having to pay for the subscription? I would love to use this with my shark lovers!

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