Candy Corn Button Art

I’m finally getting around to putting up some Fall decor around the house and I thought that I might whip up another piece of button art. I’ve been inspired by some really neat projects by the BustedButton (you have to see The Little (button) Mermaid piece she is working on!). I thought a button candy corn would add some nice color and texture to my Fall mantel.
– Yellow, Orange and White Buttons. I prefer Favorite Findings buttons (found at Jo-Ann Fabrics) but ended up using a mixture that I had on hand.
– Burlap (found at craft stores)
– 8×10 frame from the Dollar Store
– Hot Glue gun
– Acrylic Paint in yellow, orange and white
– Mod Podge
First glue the burlap to the back of the frame with Mod Podge (or any other glue you have on hand). Trim the edges of burlap that hang over the frame.
Then draw an outline of a candy corn on top of your burlap. If you don’t want to draw it freehand,  head over to Google Images and find yourself an outline of a candy corn to use as a template. paint in the lines of your candy corn with acrylic paint.
When everything is dried, start gluing on your buttons! It helps to put the larger buttons down first and then fill in the gaps with smaller buttons. I used about 30-35 buttons for the white part, 50 for the orange and a little over 60 for the yellow. The bigger your buttons, the less buttons you will need.
Place back in frame and you’re finished!


  1. Barb says

    Love the candy corn button pic. What a cute, colorful, simple way to bring fall color and fun into a home. I’ll be making one of these – maybe more to give to friends who’re coming to dinner!

  2. Alecia says

    This is the second time in a week that I googled a craft and ended up loving your post. I made your crocheted aviator hat (including the adorable airplane box) last week. It turned out beautifully – awesome directions as I am a beginner – and it was a huge hit at the baby shower. I’m looking forward to exploring your site for more great ideas. Thanks!

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