Yarn Pumpkins

Bring a little bit of the Fall season into your home with these simple Yarn Pumpkins! All you need are a couple of materials to put these together.

– Styrofoam or Foam craft balls (any size). I got mine at the Dollar Store!
– Chunky Yarn. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Pumpkin color
– Cork stoppers for crafting (like THESE)
– Hot glue gun

First you will want to cut a little bit off the bottom of your foam ball so that it will sit flat. You can use a serrated knife to easy cut it.

Then poke hole or chisel enough foam away on the top for your cork to fit snuggly inside it. I used some sharp scissors to do this. Heat up your hot glue gun and start wrapping your yarn around your pumpkin, glueing as you go.

There are 3 ways you can wrap the yarn around your pumpkin. First you can do it in vertical strips, strand-by-strand (pic 1). Or you can wrap it horizontally in a spiral, starting from the top of the cork down to the bottom (pic 2). The third technique I used was wrapping it in triangular sections (pic 3). This was actually the easiest and quickest way and I like the way it looks most like a pumpkin.
Cut a little leaf out of felt and/or burlap and glue it on for a finishing touch!
These would be great on a mantel or as a centerpiece. 
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    So stinkin cute with the wine corks Sarah! And like Lauren said, I totally thought they were solid yarn too – so smart to have a ball on the inside!

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