Pinecone Owl Ornament

Hooooo loves Fall owls?! This little guy makes a fun Fall craft that you can also use at Christmas time! Create an Pinecone Owl Ornament using craft pinecones or ones that you have collected from your own yard. Use the template to cut the owl face, feet and wings from either card stock or felt and glue it onto your pinecone. This would make a fun project to do with the kids either at home or in the classroom!

I purchased pinecones from Michaels craft store. They came coated with some kind of copper shimmer paint and already had a string attached so it can hang (I think this is a seasonal thing so hurry and go to Michaels!). But you can always attach your own string with glue or by tying it to a pinecone petal. And feel free to paint your pinecone as well. Here is a great tutorial on how to make pinecone garland. I can totally see a bunch of pinecone owls strung up and hanging in my home :)

Use the template below to cut the owl parts. I used felt and buttons for the eyes but you could easily use card stock paper and googly eyes. 

Now use a hot glue gun to glue all your pieces onto the pinecone. I bet you could also use regular glue if you are doing this project with kids.

Hang your cute owl from your mantel, on a door knob, in the classroom or on your Christmas tree! 



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