Safety Pin Ice Skates

If you need a last minute ornament idea or if you just want a cute winter magnet, pin or decoration, these safety pin ice skates are easy to make! With the simple and clever addition of a safety pin for the blade, all you need is a little felt (or card stock paper) to put these together. 
Here is what you will need:
– Large (2 inch) safety pins
– Felt or Card stock paper
– Yarn for laces
– Tapestry needle
Skate Template <—– Click the link to download
– Hot glue gun
– Marker
Print and cut out your skate from the template provided or you can freehand your own. Trace the skate onto your felt.

Now fold your felt in half along the bottom skate line. Cut out your skate.

When you unfold it, it should look like this:
Now its time to pin your safety pin  in place.

Thread your yarn and “lace” the shoes. It helps to make dots where you want the laces to go to help guide you.

Finish by hot gluing (or use regular glue) The inside edges together. 
Leave the laces long and hang up as an ornament!

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  1. Carissa says

    Can you explain how you sew the laces? I can’t see a button, but thought I could figure this out! I may be wrong! Do you run the needle through both felt sides? One lace one side at a time?

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