Thursday, February 20, 2014

Polymer Clay Yarn Ball Stitch Markers

Ever since I made my polymer clay Owl Stitch Markers, I've had a couple e-mails asking how to make yarn ball stitch markers. It sounded easy enough and I even wondered why people were asking...I mean, couldn't you just ball up a coil of clay? Well after 3 hours of messing around with polymer clay, it really isn't as easy as you would hope. Let me show you how I ended up molding my clay to look most like a ball of yarn.

First get your supplies. You will need:
1. Polymer Clay. Fimo, Sculpey, and Craft Smart are some popular brands. I used Sculpey III clay that I purchased at Michaels in a variety color pack.
2. Sculpey Gloss Glaze (and paint brush).
3. Wire cutters and you will probably also need some needle nose pliers as well.
4. Small Jump Rings. I used 6mm.
5. Lobster Clasps/Closures no smaller than 12mm.
6. Eye pins.
7. Optional: exacto knife and clay tools. I have the Sculpey 5-in-1 tool kit. The exacto knife cuts the clay easily.

First take a piece of clay and mold it into a small ball (about .25 of an inch) and take another piece of clay in the same color and roll out a long thin coil. Try to make your coil as even and thin as possible. Obviously mine isn't perfect so don't worry too much.

Now cut your coil into about 1.5 inch pieces and group them into clusters of 3. Then you will want to place your clusters together like in the picture below. You will need to trim ends into slants to get them to fit together. 

You should use a small spatula or knife (you shouldn't re-use your knife in the kitchen once it has been used on clay) to help you pick up your coil cluster. It is delicate so be careful not to dent it or let it fall apart.

Now wrap it around your ball.

Trim long ends so they fit together as they are being wrapped.

Lightly press ends down.

If you have any small spaces left, fill them in with a small coil piece.

Get out your eye pins and wire cutters (or scissors)

Trim eye pin so you can poke it in the top of the ball and it won't stick out the bottom

At this point you want to bake your clay in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes 
(or according to the clay package directions)

When cooled, attach your jump ring and lobster clasp

Paint with gloss glaze and let dry for 24 hours.

And you're ready to crochet or knit with your new yarn ball stitch markers!!


  1. Holy wow! These are great and cute and SO much easier than I ever would have thought them to be. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow! These are so adorable and seem easy enough to make. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. How cute. They look just like little yarn balls. Great tutorial!

  4. These are sooo awesome!!! Thank you!

  5. Super, I love the idea (and polymer clay)! Thank you for sharing! Greetings, Marijke

  6. They look like they could be some really cute earrings. I'll bet you could even make a necklace and bracelet to match.

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  7. Those stitch markers are so cute! My mother loves to knit, so these would be just perfect for her! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

  8. Cute! I think I will try my garlick press for the coils, though... It works quite well with fondant, to decorate cupcakes, so I guess it will work with clay as well....

    Thanks for the tutorial!


  9. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. These are super - can't wait to try them!

  10. I loved your owl stitch markerr tutorial and this one is great too! The only thing i had a problem with was the eye pin getting loose/ coming out of the clay after it baked. I found a video on youtube ( and will do it this way from now on. Thought I would share :D Here is the link to my stitch markers as well (

    1. Thanks Jessica! I watched the video and think that making a slight bend in the bottom of the eye pin is a great idea! I tried using head pins before and they were a pain to work with so I would definitely avoid those!

  11. Wow!! That's awesome !! :) thanks for sharing !!

  12. These are perfect! Definitely going to try and make some of these! Thanks for sharing!

  13. They are beautifull I've got to make this.

  14. They are beautifull I've got to make this.

  15. So amazingly cute... will you make some and pop them up on Etsy? I cannot bring another hobby into the house at this point :)

  16. So cute. Every year I exchange gifts with my knitting friends and these will be perfect to make and give! (Pinned it!)

  17. This is an awesome tutorial and exactly what I needed. I was all prepared to spend part of my day tomorrow wrapping coils of polymer clay until it was just right. This will save me plenty of time!

  18. This is an awesome tutorial and exactly what I needed. I was all prepared to spend part of my day tomorrow wrapping coils of polymer clay until it was just right. This will save me plenty of time!

  19. I came to read your tips, thanks so much for sharing what worked for you! I'm not making yarn balls, I'm going to try for a bird's nest, but making clay "yarn" is really similar to twigs, I'm thinking. Either way - it's helpful to know that I'll need to do my shaping and forming before sticking it to the base shape. I'm hoping mine turns out even half as cute as yours - great job! :)