Sock Snowmen

I know some of you are sick and tired of the snow, but here in Portland, OR we finally got a good dumping! I haven’t seen a snow like this in at least 4 years and I wanted so badly for my kids to be able to build a backyard snowman. Well guess what? Mission accomplished!!

It’s been a magical 4 days of sledding, skiing in the street, building a snowman and creating an igloo. But now the snow is melting and my poor boys are so sad that their snowman is melting away. So I tried to cheer them up with a fun little craft today: Sock Snowmen!

You will need:
– White socks (I used child size)
– Poly-Fil Stuffing
– Poly-Fil beads or dry Rice or Beans (if you want to weight the bottom of the snowman)
– Ribbon (for scarf)
– Small black buttons or googly eyes
– Two colorful buttons (for the tummy)
– A piece of yarn or string
– A pom-pom
– Orange felt (for nose)
– Black yarn for mouth

First, pour a handful or two of your poly-fil bead (or rice or beans) at the bottom of the sock. You can skip this part if you don’t want your snowman to be weighted/free standing. Then stuff the rest of the sock with poly-fil stuffing and tie at the top (where the cuff of the sock starts) with your yarn/string.

Now flip the cuff part of the sock over and tie your ribbon around the middle of the sock to make a head and body.

Glue the pom-pom to the top, googly eyes, felt nose, yarn mouth and buttons on the body. I used a hot glue gun.

Now enjoy your cuddly snowman who won’t melt :)

We had to make one more Sock Snowman for all you Frozen fans! Here is Olaf! You will need to tie white string around two sections of his body. Tie tightly in the back. Use black felt for almost all of his features, with two goggly eyes and a bit of orange felt for his nose. If you look up “olaf template” on google images, you can print out a picture of him to use as a guide. Everything is glued on with hot glue. I’m sure the arms won’t stay attached very long but that’s ok :)

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Thanks for inspiring my first sock toys. I first started off with Olaf following your tutorial. Now my toys have become so popular, I have been selling them online for a few months now. I just thought I would thank you publicly!