Chain Stitch Coasters

Make colorful yarn coasters by using the most basic crochet stitch: the chain! Made with cotton yarn, these coasters are full of texture and would be a wonderful addition to your next party or get-together. Or impress your friends and give these as a hostess gift! They are so easy to make, even if you have never picked up a crochet hook, I am confident you can still make these.
The chain stitch is the most basic crochet stitch. My friend Amy at One Artsy Mama has a very detailed tutorial on how to make the chain stitch on her blog: CHECK IT OUT HERE! Once you have mastered this technique, you are ready to make your coasters! 
– Size F Crochet Hook
– Cotton Yarn (I used Lily Sugar n’ Cream yarn in a variegated color). I suggest cotton yarn so it won’t fray and get fuzzy like acrylic yarn tends to do.
– Hot glue gun
Make a fairly long chain to start but DON’T fasten off. Leave it on your hook and starting with the end, roll it into a swirl, hot-gluing the edges as you go. Don’t roll it too tight or your coaster will start to become bowl-shaped. 
Keep crocheting chains until your coaster is about 3.5 inches wide, then cut the chain. Hot glue the end of the chain to outside the edge of your coaster so it won’t unravel. You can now start to coil the chain that is still on your crochet hook into the next coaster. 
Now you have a set of pretty coasters! This puts me in the mood for a tea party :)


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    Even when I read this was made with chains, I could not have fathomed the hot glue solution. Brilliant and I will definitely be making some of these.

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    Is there a simple way to get the chain-look without the glue? Perhaps a simple way to crochet eh chain to itself? (I do have some crochet skills)

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      I was thinking the same thing. Not a fan of glue guns.
      I would like to see an alternate method of crocheting
      the chain together to form the coasters too. But I love
      the idea and the simplicity of it! Great little gift and an
      easy take along project!

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    Thank you for your free patterns. I am 72 years old…and a friend of my son and daughter-in-law taught me to crochet last year. However, it took me 20 minutes to chain 5 stitches! We laughed so much! Just wanted to share that… yes, chain stitch IS simple once you get the hang of it. :)

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