Crochet Daisy Afghan

Well folks, HERE IT IS!! It’s finally finished! I decided to make this a smaller blanket (mostly because I lost patience after the first 10 squares), measuring about 2ft x 3ft. Kudos to those of you who make large granny square afghans, I don’t know how you do it! Thanks to my family who has been living under mounds of yarn and yarn scraps and who have been watching me walk around with this project, using every spare moment to crochet. If you do have the time to make one of these blankets, it would be an absolutely wonderful baby gift or perfect for a little girls room. But more than that, the color combinations you could use on this afghan are endless and the solid squares are the perfect surface to sew on any time of crocheted appliqué (animals? letters? holiday themes?) I can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

I hope you have enjoyed the series of tutorials posted so far and will be inspired to make your own Daisy Afghan! This is the 3rd and final post where we will talk about how to crochet the border but first lets go over the materials and the tutorials that we have already covered:

Materials used: 
• Worsted Weight Yarn • Size H Crochet Hook • Tapestry Needle
I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn in these colors (listed in the order pictured):
Goldfish, Pink, Lamb, Sweet Pea, Mustard, White.

Now lets go over the border. Thanks for all of your suggestions on my Facebook page! I went with the rows of SC plus the scalloped border and absolutely love how it turned out!
Starting at any place on the edge of your afghan, attach white yarn, ch 1 and SC around the enter edge, join to your first SC.  When you get to the places where you joined your squares, make a SC at the end of each join (see picture below).

When you get to the corners make 2 SC in each corner.
Make 2 Rounds of SC in white, 1 round of SC in orange, then pink, then cream, then green. After each round, join to you first SC and fasten off. You will need to weave in ends when you are done.

The last round you will make a scalloped border in white. Attach yarn, skip 2, make 7 DC all in same stitch, skip 2 stitches and join to next stitch with a slip stitch. *Skip 2 stitches and make 7 DC in the next stitch, skip 2 and join with slip stitch, repeat from *. You will probably have to fudge this round a little because unless you are very lucky, the scallops won’t evenly aline with your stitch count. Don’t worry. You can skip an extra stitch or two in order for you to end on the last scallop. Just be sure to plan ahead a little by counting the stitches you have left when you get close to the end. There is a great Crocheted Scalloped Border Tutorial over at Praying with My Feet <—Check it out if you need more visuals.

Here are more pictures of the finished blanket!

I hope you have enjoyed all of the tutorials and pictures. Please feel free to post your daisy afghans (or other versions) on my Facebook page! And if you are a selling finished afghans, please be sure to post a link to your shop or blog in the comments below.
*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.*** 



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      Hi Debbie, I have 3 Granddaughters, so maybe we can! :). I'm going to try to make 3 afghans, each in different colors, for my 3 granddaughters. Will keep you posted. :) Lynn.

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    Wow. Little Zoe is already sitting up. She's so darn cute. Blanket is cute too but she's cuter :-) You did a good job weaving in the ends. I made a granny square blanket for my daughter before she was born but once I washed the blanket, some of the ends became loose.

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    c' est exquis j' aime beaucoup tes choix de couleurs et avec les appliqués c' est vraiment génial bravo bises a bientôt

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    I love this little afghan! It reminds me of one my nana had. I have no idea who made it, or when, but even as a kid, I knew there was something special about that one. It was HUGE! Now I know what went into it – boatloads of patience, love & WORK! Lol,& I am going to have to make one…

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    This is so cute! I've tried to make a few blankets and gave up! This one has inspired me to try make another one again!
    Only problem I have is choosing colours… I'm not good with that!

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      Just a suggestion. When picking out colors, go to the verigated yarn, pick out one that you like and look at the colors within that one skein. Then go to the single colors and pick those colors. By looking at the verigated, it gives you an idea of what single colors will look together. Hope it helps.

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      Hi Lucinda, What a fantastic way to create your color palette! :) I've been crocheting for years & it has NEVER occurred to me to try your
      idea.. Thank you for a truly unique, no BRILLIANT way to insure that my color picks will be pleasing, not just to myself, but to the recipient of this gift. Thank you, Lynn :)

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    This is really beautiful. Thaks for designing, showing and sharing the pattern. I am going to crochet this blanket with pleasure.

    Have a happy day, Margaret

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    This blanket is gorgeous! I am getting my yarn today to start one! I'm going to make it twice as big so it will be able to go on a bed. Thank you so much for all your pics of the blanket and the easily understood directions. You did a marvelous job! Hope you area having a great spring!
    Deb P.

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    I love this afghan. It's perfect for a baby. My niece is expecting twins so… I am so glad to see this pretty border too. I am part of a Facebook group that makes 'comfortghans' for people who have or are facing tragedies. Ladies from around the country make squares and then we put them together. I am close to finishing one for a little girl with Crohn's Disease. This is the perfect border to finish the project. Yay!! Thank you.

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    Cute blanket with those daisies all over it. Love the color combo's as well. You sound just like me…in fact, sometimes I have a hard time finishing projects….'if only I could get those buttons on those booties!' Don't worry, eventually I have a talk with myself, grab all my unfinished projects and finish them. I guess I'm a better starter…

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    I just told all of my pregnant FB friends that one of them better have a girl because I NEED to make this blanket! It is really darling and could be used for all kinds of variations! I'm thinking fall colors and leaf appliqués maybe for a little boy.

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    I collect blanket patterns without ever making one. I'm so impatient, which is why I sell hats. This, however, I LOVE. Thank you for sharing!
    P.S. Love the name Zoe. That's what we named our third, and she's seven months old now.

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    This is by far THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. blanket I have ever seen. I want one so bad!!! Your color choices, placement, design….everything. PERFECT. Wowzers. (I don't know why I've said Wowzers like 3 times today. )

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    its very beautiful and I loved the colors that you have used. Its just amazing. I can imagine the time and effort it takes to finish a baby blanket. But the effort has paid off…. Its a very lovely product…

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    Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this pattern… You are so talented!!! I loved this pattern so much I whipped one up myself. Came out really nice!

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    Sarah Thank you so much for the free pattern !!!. I would love your suggestion to do a similar afghan for a boys room. I m bad one in picking colors and appliques, any suggestions are really appreciated. My son is soon turning one and would love to have one in his room :)

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    Its beautiful! Daisies are my favourite flower. I have one infant granddaughter, also named Sarah, this may be the inspiration for the blanket I make for her when she graduates to a big girl bed. By then hopefully I will have forgotten how much I detest joining squares together. :) Thanks for creating and sharing this gorgeous pattern with us.

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    I just finished my blanket. I loved your blanket from the minute I saw it and I loved making it. I copied it exactly except my gauge was off a little which I didn't catch till I had made quite a few squares. It worked out and my daughter got dibs on it. I am a cancer survivor and crocheting has become my life line. My blanket is going to be in the survivor art display at a luncheon on Sunday. I put your name as credit for the pattern and inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

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    currently working on this lovely afghan. 3 more squares to go, I made it slightly larger. anyone have recommendations on what colors to use for a boy blanket?

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    Sarah I just love this pattern! Thank-you soooooo much for sharing! I will definitely be making this for my grand daughter but right now I am making one for a friend but in a boy version for her, I'm using navy blue and beige squares and white trim and it's turning out perfect! So hard to find something nice for boys but your pattern inspired me and once again thank- you soooo much!

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    Sarah thank you for such a fun pattern. I made a blanket last week. I used the same colors except for the orange. I used purple. It turned out very cute. Thanks again for sharing. I've already started on another one in "boy" colors.

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    Really want to make this for a friend of mine, but none of my local stores carry Vanna's Choice Baby yarn anymore, so I will have to order it on line. Can anyone tell me how many skeins of each color I will need? Thanks so much.

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      I used Vanna's choice instead of the baby yarn. I also used one skein of "I Love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. I made mine larger 7 squares up = 42 inches and 5 squares across = 30 inches. Used almost 3 skeins of the three major colors and two of the other one as the skeins of I love this yarn was 7 oz. I used the I love this cotton for the border so did have to get another 7 oz skein. The Vanna's Choice at Hobby Lobby was $3.99 regular price. 3.5oz in a skein. "I Love this Yarn" 7 oz. at Hobby Lobby was $3.99. Only used one Mustard but two white skeins. I had to make 18 Daises for this size

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    I made this afghan but made it larger. Did the 7 rows up and 5 rows across. I really like it. I used Cranberry, Dusty Green and Beige of Vanna's Choice and Rosy Cheeks of "I love this yarn". Of course the white and mustard for the daisies. I did your border sort of but used the pink instead of white for the scalloped edge. I am very happy!

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    Fell in love with this the minute I saw it on your page, its a really beautiful piece. I live in Northern Ireland and we do not stock Lion brand yarn here but I really loved the colours in your afghan and so I sent away for a ball of each of the yarns, which ended up being quite expensive £25 for 5 balls, but now I think I won't have enough to finish around the edges. I am the impatient kind and would be grateful you could let me know if you had to break into another ball to finish around the edge?

  23. Maria says

    Es la manta más preciosa y original que he visto nunca (tengo ya unos añitos). Gracias por tu generosidad mostrando esta obra de arte.

  24. Maria says

    No está bien traducido mi comentario anterior. Pero no importa porque el resumen es que la manta es expléndida.

  25. Charmaine says

    Thank you for this beautiful crochet. I made it for my first grand-daughter for the Holidays. She loves it and sleeps with it all the time!! I wanted something personal from me & something not complicated but for a little girl. Thank you again….happy grandmother!!

  26. Michele says

    Hi! Is there a shortcut way to print out the pattern? I would like to take it camping and there won’t be any Wi-Fi to access it online Thanks!

  27. Debby says

    I love this! Making one using greens and blues for background and shell pattern for squares. You always have the best patterns, thank you so much. Was wondering how big each of your squares are?

  28. Carol Ann says

    I think this may be the first time I pinned your work. Thank you for the easy to follow instructions! I like your bright colors.

  29. Leena Richardson says

    This is such a beautiful pattern. Thanks a lot for sharing it. I plan to make this for my baby girl who is due in August. I would like to know what is the quantity of wool that you have used to make this blanket. That would be really helpful.

  30. Robyn says

    I’m in the process of making this right now. I just want to say thank you for the great instructions and visuals. It’s good proof!!! I cannot wait to finish and have saved this to my favorites! I’m sure this is going to be one of my best creations:)

  31. Charmaine says

    Thank you for this pattern, I fell in love with it and how whimsical it is & thought it would be a beautiful gift for my first grand-daughter, so I gave myself 3 month head start to get it finished and barely finished it but I did and now she’s 3 years old and it’s her favorite blanket. So thank you again!!

  32. Kathy says

    I love this pattern. I have a couple of questions, though.

    I’m using a “j” hook and the squares measure a little over 5 inches. I expected the squares to be larger because I’m using a larger hook. The pattern notes that squares will be about 6″ (with smaller hook). Is this the size after blocking?

    Also, the squares don’t appear to be exactly square. Should I add a couple rows to each?

    Thanks so much for your help.

  33. Dawn says

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. I just finished this for a new cousin on the way at the end of the month!! I can’t wait for my cousin to receive this for her new baby.

  34. Phyllis McCullough says

    I can’t seem to find the directions for the squares for the daisy afghan. I got the daisy

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