Daisy Flower Crochet Pattern

I’ve created a pattern for two different daisy flowers and if you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me ask which one you like better…Because I can’t decide! My daughters room has a daisy flower theme and I want to make some sort of crochet blanket to match her decor… but I can’t decide which daisy would be best.

I think #1 is more groovy/hippie/cartoonish (the 6 petal daisy) and #2 looks more realistic. I was shocked to receive over 2400 Facebook comments about this flower! Thank you! It seems as though most of you like the realistic daisy better (option #2). I think this one is going to look great on a hat and many of you suggested layering two of them to make even more petals and dimension to it – I LOVE that idea! BUT I think I might have to go with #1 for my blanket… Once I decide on the yarn colors I will make a final decision but I think #1 will be easier to appliqué on and I like that the middle puffs out a little. It also looks cleaner and more babyish to me for some reason. When I get going on the blanket I will be sure to show all of you and then of course I will post the blanket pattern when I am finished :)

So lets get to these daisy flower patterns! Starting with your favorite, #2:

-Worsted weight yarn in yellow (for the center) and white for the petals. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Mustard (yellow) and White.
-Size G crochet hook
-Tapestry needle

Magic Ring Tutorial
Sl St = Slip Stitch
SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
TR = Triple Crochet

12 Petal Daisy Pattern:
starting with yellow yarn…
Magic Ring, chain 1 and make 6 SC in ring, join to first SC, chain 1
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around (12 SC)
change to white yarn…
Round 3: Chain 8, *TR in 4th chain from hook, TR in next stitch on chain, DC in next, HDC in next, SC in last chain. Join with a Sl St to next stitch from round 2 and chain 8, repeat from * all the way around. You should end with 12 petals.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

If your petals start to curl in a little, tug at the yarn and give the petal a stretch to flatten them out. The petals should overlap a bit.

6 Petal Daisy Pattern:
starting with yellow yarn…
Magic Ring, chain 1 and make 6 SC in ring, join to first SC, chain 1
Round 2: 2 SC in each stitch around, join to first SC (12 SC )
change to white yarn and chain 1…
Round 3: SC in each stitch around, join to first SC (12 SC ) at this point the middle should puff out a little
Round 4: Chain 10, *TR in 4th chain from hook, TR, DC, DC, HDC, HDC, SC in last chain, skip one stitch from round 3 and join to next stitch with a Sl St, chain 10, repeat from * around until you have 6 petals.
Round 5: SC around each petal, making a Sl St in the previous slip stitches (between each petal). 
Fasten off and weave in ends.

So there you have it! Two different daisies to choose from and I can’t wait to see what you use them for!
*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***
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    Oh my goodness I absolutely love! I've been meaning to make a daisy blanket for my momma and I've just wanted to wait until I found the right daisy! I think the first one is perfect for a blanket and I CANNOT wait to see you get started on your blanket :)

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    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent. I'm making a sun bonnet for a lil girl and couldn't find a daisy pattern I liked. Your pattern is just what I wanted n you explain it so well. Thank you so much!

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    I'm having trouble crocheting daisy #2. My petals curl and wont lie flat. I tried crocheting a looser stitch, but they still curl. Any suggestions?

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    I'm using the "cartoony" daisy as a special costume detail. I'm actually going all white with the yarn (no color change) and will attach a large pink button in the middle of it. This will be attached to a hair clip of some variety and will be clipped onto the actress's head playing Piglet in a local stage production of The House at Pooh Corner – a reference to a story in the original book that is not in the stage production being put together. (Unless the rest of the costuming team like the other daisy, but I really think the cartoony daisy is better fitted to this production.)

    Thank you for such a great pattern!

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