Princess Leia Yarn Wig

Today is May 4th… so to all your Star Wars fans: May the Fourth be with you! I made this quick and easy Princess Leia Yarn Wig for my daughter. You can whip one up today too! I’m sure most of you have the supplies at home. Here is the how-to:

– One skein of brown yarn.
– One piece of brown felt
– Old socks (doesn’t really matter what color but it helps if its brown)
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– 2 rubberbands or ponytail holders

You can make this wig for any size head. You will need to measure from the front of your hairline all the way to back hairline by the neck (right down the center). My 8 month old daughters was about 10 inches.

Cut a piece of your felt 3 inches wide and the length you measured (so in my case 10 inches)

Now make strands of your yarn about 4 feet long. You will use your whole skein (I didn’t have a whole skein so my wig is a little bare). Lay the yarn over the felt strip. Your felt strip should be in the center of the yarn strands. Trim ends of felt like the picture below so you have the correct hairline in the front and back. Comb the yarn with your fingers and spread it out across the felt

Time to start hot gluing your yarn to your felt. I started at the front and glued small clumps down at a time. Just make sure all your strands get stuck to some glue. 

It should look like this when you are done gluing.

Trim your ends.

Now we are going to make the sock buns. Cut the elastic ends off your socks.

Make a pony tail on both sides of your wig. This is the spot where you will want the buns to end.

Slip sock ring over the end of your ponytail.

Fold end “hair” over and start rolling your sock ring over, causing the hair to push out from the center. This is the same technique you would use if you were making a real sock hair bun. See video tutorial HERE

Not perfect but it will do :)

Place wig on head and secure with bobby pins if needed.

Happy Star Wars Day! #Maythe4thBeWithYou

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