Crochet Butterfly Barefoot Sandals

My baby likes to feel the tickle of the grass and the sand beneath her toes. And by allowing her feet to feel the floor or ground, going shoeless actually helps my pre-walker develop her balance, strength, and coordination. And my little girl is going to do it all in style with these crochet butterfly barefoot sandals! A fun summer accessory for babies, kids, and even adults!

Made with Lion Brand Bonbon yarn, you can actually make a couple pairs from just three tiny skeins. I used hot pink, bright orange and yellow from the “crayon” color pack. This is an Acrylic: Weight Category 3: DK Weight yarn (a light worsted weight yarn). But I think you would easily be able to use any weight or hook size with this project. Just remember the bigger the hook and the thicker the yarn, the bigger the sandal will be.

You can easily alter the length and width of the straps by chaining more (or less). My daughter is 10 months old and wears a size 3-4 shoe. Also keep in mind that yarn stretches so even the ones I made for her could have easily fit a bigger foot. The button closure is adjustable too!

– Lion Brand Bonbon Yarn in Orange, Pink, and Yellow
– Size G Crochet Hook
– Small button
– Tapestry needle

Magic Ring Tutorial
Ch = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet

Butterfly Barefoot Sandals Pattern: Make 2
starting with orange yarn
Magic ring, ch 1 and make 8 SC in ring. Do not join. Chain 1, turn
Round 2: Make 2 SC in each stitch around. Do not join. Fasten off.
attach pink yarn, turn
Round 3: skip a stitch and make 6 DC in next stitch, skip one stitch, slip stitch in next, skip one stitch, make 4 HDC all in one stitch, skip one, slip stitch, skip one, 4 HDC, skip one, slip stitch, skip one, 6 DC, skip one, slip stitch to last. Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Attach yellow yarn to bottom middle of butterfly and chain 10, join to place where you started. (This is the toe loop) do not fasten off

Continue to surface slip stitch up middle of butterfly. When you get to top chain 40 (or more/less for bigger/smaller feet). Join to top middle of butterfly. This creates another large loop that will go around the ankle. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Join a new strand of yellow yarn on the 6th chain up from the bottom of the left side of the “loop.”
Chain 2 and DC in each stitch around until you get to the 6th chain up from the bottom of the other side (30 DC), Chain 5, DC in 3rd chain from hook and in last chain, join to bottom of last DC (this creates the flap that will attach to your button. 
You can also make this flap longer by chaining more and making more DC down the chain. The button can fasten between any of the DC’s.

Sew on a button to side opposite of where your “flap” is. Use any DC spaces to hook over button. You can tighten and loosen the ankle strap this way.
Remember that yarn stretches! Crochet tightly.
You can make the other shoe the exact same way BUT if you want the button to sit on the opposite side, do not make your “flap” after double crocheting around the ankle strap. After making your 30 DC stitches, fasten off and re-attach yarn to the place where you started (bottom of your chain 2). Now create your flap (Chain 5, DC in 3rd chain from hook and in last chain, join to top). Sew button on opposite side.
Lots of info! At first glance it might be confusing but it is very simple once you get into the swing of things. The picture tutorial below should help.

TIP: Secure your button even more by painting clear nail polish over it!

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Hi! Love this pattern and have made one sandal already…just a quick question. Maybe I'm missing something, but how is the button adjustable? If it is attached to the side without the flap, then the flap has no choice but to attach to the button where it is sewn on, doesn't it? If you could help me out with understanding this, I would be very grateful – thanks! :)

These are so cute! I saw the pack of this Bon Bon yarn at our JoAnn store this year but I didn't buy any. I might now, since I've seen these cute barefoot sandals. Many thanks!

Lovely pattern, but this sandal looks to be too small for this foot – see how her toe is bending up? An adjustment or larger size is required. Thank you for the patterns.