Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags

If you are looking to give your kids a treat this Halloween that isn’t just another piece of junk candy, I’ve got you covered! The kids will love these Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags! Very easy to put together and it won’t rot their teeth. In fact, did you know legos help teach math, science, develop thinking skills, and creativity?! In fact, no need to wait for Halloween. This is a fun treat for the Fall season as well. All you need are a couple of supplies!

– Orange Legos. You can buy just orange Legos at any Lego store. Or you can purchase them via the Amazon link below.
– Treat Bags with Round Bottom. I found mine at Michaels.
– Green card stock paper
– Hole punch
– Jute Twine

Lego stores have a wall of bricks sorted by size and color at the back of their store. This is where I purchased my bricks! I put about 20-25 lego bricks in each of my pumpkin bags.

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1. Fill bag with legos.
2. Wrap the twine around a couple times and tie closed. Trim top of cellophane bag if needed.
Cut a leaf out of card stock and punch a hole at the bottom of it. Tie onto one of twine strands. Use the leaf to write a name or message!



  1. says

    Such a cool n creative idea, totally agree better then candy..!! Will be doing this for my sons Kindergarten class this year, there are some children who have allergies.So this concept is way more supportive as a treat and many uses of creativity.Thanks for this post and as well many others you have done so along the way..!!

  2. says

    How many legos went into each bag (approximately)? This will help when ordering. I also found the 2X3 orange lego bricks on Amazon for 40 dollars – which is about 20 cents a piece. I spent at least 60 dollars on candy last year, this is a much better idea! Thanks for posting :-)

  3. Appreciative says

    Great idea! I wish when my kids were smaller they received items like this. Such a shame there are so many negative and unhappy people out there. Don’t post if you have nothing nice to say. Sheesh!

  4. Dana says

    This is a really great idea except there is nowhere to find the bricks online that I can see. The amazon link is for 1×1 bricks which you would never be able to build a pumpkin with. Too bad because I thought it was a cute idea instead of candy.

  5. says

    Oh, how I love these! I’m such a fan of legos in every way + non-sugar treats with a sprinkle of creative. I can hardly contain my excitement at this project. I found them via Zina at Let’s Lasso the Moon and they’ve made my day. I’ll share them on FB and will most definitely add them to our Halloween days ahead. Love this idea and the chance to discover a new wonderful creative home! Halloween Wishes from Sweden. /g

  6. Kristina Kline says

    Thanks for the unique treat idea! Just made these for my son’s preschool class for a fall party tomorrow. I sorted the Legos by color and did different colored pumpkins, since I didn’t have enough orange. They turned out soo cute! I attached the words of the Five Little Pumpkins with the leaf also. I love the idea of giving out creativity, instead of a sugary treat! The kids will for sure love them!

  7. Val S says

    I’m sorry, but I am not seeing the affiliate link. I’d like to support your page by ordering through your page, so I’ll hold off for a bit.

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