Crochet Acorn Pine Cones

On our walk home from school yesterday the kids and I found a ton of big beautiful pine cones. I quickly had them help me collect a bunch of them because I had a craft project in mind :)  I was inspired by a Fall wreath I saw in Country Living Magazine. It had knitted pine cone acorns (hmmm upon closer look I think those are burlap) hanging from the center and I thought I could easily come up with a crochet version. These are the perfect decor for Fall and would be especially nice for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. I am sure you could find many ways to use and display these!

– Worsted Weight Yarn. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Beige, Honey, and Rust.
– Size G Crochet Hook
– Tapestry needle
– Pine cones of any size. It helps if the top is flared out a little.
– Poly-fil stuffing (if needed)
Magic Ring Tutorial
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
Essentially you are going to make a crochet cozy to cover the bottom part of your pine cone. You will tuck and tighten the rim of the crochet cozy under the pine cone pieces that flare out at the top. You can stuff it lightly with poly-fil stuffing to help shape the bottom if needed.
This pattern is customizable. The pattern below fit my large pine cones which were about 5 inches long. The smaller pine cone (rust colored) was about 3 inches long. For that one I stopped increasing after round 3 and continued to crochet in only 7 more rounds. Add more or less rows depending on the size of your pine cone!

Pine Cone Cozy Pattern:
Magic Ring, make 10 SC in ring, pull tight and continue to crochet in rounds
Round 2: 2 SC in first, SC in next, repeat around (15 SC)
Round 3: 2 SC in first, SC in next two, repeat around (20 SC)
Round 4: 2 SC in first, SC in next 3, repeat around (25 SC)
Round 5-14: SC in each stitch around (25 SC)
Round 15: DC in each stitch around.
Fasten off weave in ends

Weave a strand of yarn in and out of the double crochets.

Wrap around pinecone and stuff lightly with polyfil if needed to give it more of a rounder shape.
Tuck double crocheted edge under the pinecone needles. Pull tight with your strands and tie tight.



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