Lego Storage using Play Doh Containers

Does this look like a familiar sight in your home? Little Lego pieces in random spots just waiting to be stepped on?! Yep, same situation over here. With new toys being brought into the home this month (including new lego sets) it was time for some new storage options. I re-used our Play-Doh containers and turned them into Lego storage! Perfect size for those small legos, individual boxed lego sets, and a great way to keep everyones project separate. I created printable Lego face labels so you remember that you are now storing Legos in those Play-Doh containers.

Cut out and tapes onto Play-Doh containers. I like the way they look when the container is upside-down (looks more like a Lego head).
Now let them tinker away, create, and put away their legos when they are done! A great way to keep pieces from the same set together.



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