Crochet Heart Wand

Now here is something your little princess (or prince!) will love! A Crochet Heart Wand! So simple to make and hours of fun for your little one. My daughter was very excited about this but my boys were the ones who wanted in on the fun. Looks like I need to make two more for them :) This makes a fun Valentine or princess party favor! I saw a similar tutorial over at Tangled Happy for a Crochet Star Wand so I mimicked mine after the one she made. Pop on over to her blog for a detailed tutorial!

– Dowel Rod. I got mine from
– Crochet Stuffed Heart:
Worsted Weight Yarn (I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Cheery Cherry)
Size H Crochet Hook
Poly-Fil Stuffing
Tapestry Needle
– Ribbon (solid color or heart prints). I found a lot of fun choices at Michaels in their Valentine’s display
– Hot Glue Gun

First you will need to make a stuffed crochet heart. I used the exact same pattern as I did for my Love Bug Wings (See the full tutorial HERE). Except when you sew the pieces together you will want to leave a small hole at the bottom to stick your fowl rod through.

Heart Crochet Pattern (make 2):
Chain 11, SC in second chain from hook and the rest of the way down, chain 1, turn (10 SC)
Row 2: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 8, 2 SC in last stitch, chain 1, turn (12 SC)
Row 3-5: SC in each stitch across, chain 1, turn (12 SC)
Row 6: SC Decrease, SC in next 10 stitches, chain 1, turn
Row 7: SC in next 6 stitches, chain 1, turn (6 SC)
Row 8-13: SC in each stitch across, chain 1, turn (6 SC)
Row 14: SC Decrease, SC in next two, SC decrease. Continue to SC all the way around the entire piece. Join and fasten off.

Sew two hearts together. Stuff with Poly-fil before closing. Be sure to leave a small hole at the bottom big enough for your dowel rod. 
Now wrap your ribbon around your dowel rode, hot gluing it down as you go. Leave about an inch of dowel unwrapped at the top. You will glue that part of the rod inside the bottom of your crochet stuffed heart. Plop a big glob of glue inside the heart and stick the rod in!
Finish by tying extra ribbon strands around the top of the dowel (right under the crochet heart. Tada! You are ready for some magical play time!



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    Love this! Think it would work with pencils instead of the rods? (maybe make them a couple rows smaller to fit a pencil) I ask because I am thinking of making some as party favors for my daughter's Pre-K Valentines class party next month.

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