Mason Jar Mug Crisco Candles with Crochet Cozy

Did you know that you can easily make low-cost, odorless, and long burning candles with Crisco shortening?! No melting and burning of wax to contend with and you probably already have the ingredients on hand! I found the most adorable mini Mason Jar Mugs at Bed Bath and Beyond and of course this project wouldn’t be complete without the addition of cute little crochet mug cozy! The perfect gift in a jar!

– Small Glass Mason Jar Mugs (or any glass container with work). Please note that the crochet mug cozy only fits THESE mini mason jar spice mugs.
– Crisco Vegetable Shortening (or any brad of vegetable cooking lard).
– Thin strand of Cotton yarn (must be all natural fiber).
– Pencil

Melt Crisco shortening in saucepan over medium-low heat. It shouldn’t be boiling. Just heat until melted. I used about half of the container shown above for the two candles.

Pour melted shortening into the glass jar. Cut strand of cotton yarn and tie it to the top of the pencil. Stick it in the glass jar just so it reaches the bottom. You can weigh it down with a washer if needed.
Let the Crisco cool and become a solid again. Stick it in the fridge to speed up this process. When the  candle has cooled, snip the yarn wick from the top of the pencil.
Your candle is complete and ready to light! 

Now if you want to cozy it up with a little crochet sleeve, here is the pattern!
– Worsted weight yarn
– Size F crochet hook
– Button
– Tapestry needle
SC = Single Crochet
Mini Mason Jar Mug Cozy Pattern:
Chain 28, join to first chain to make a large circle, chain 1
Round 2: SC in each stitch around, join, chain 1 and TURN
Round 3-7: SC in 26 stitches (leaving two stitches unused), chain 1, turn
attach accent yarn color
Round 8: SC across top and down open slit before joining chain 12 and then join to first SC made. The chain 12 creates the loop that attaches to your button.
Sew button on opposite corner of cozy.
Slip cozy around your little mug mason jar. I love that these jars have lids so you can keep your candles clean, protected, and dust free when not using. They also make gifting so easy!



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    I love these candles. My friend and I made some last night. We melted wax scents cubes and added it to the melted crisco in the jars. It was a cheap way for us to as color and a wonderful scent to the candles. Thanks so much for the idea.

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    This looks like a great idea! Can you use coconut oil in place of crisco? It is the same consistency and smells like a tropical island :) Let me know your thoughts. Tks!!

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