Yarn Heart Art

A canvas frame, thumbtacks, and a bit of variegated yarn makes a quick and easy piece of heart art that is perfect for the season of love :) Display it on your mantel or give it as a gift. I may even make a set to hang on the wall of my daughters room!

– 8×10 canvas frame (I used black but you can easily use a white one)
– Silver flat head thumbtacks
– Skein of rainbow variegated yarn (or any yarn/string you’d like)
– Hot glue gun
– A piece of felt

I created a printable heart template that helped me place the tacks evenly. You can print it out HERE if you wish to use it as well.

I placed the template over the canvas and poked the tacks through the paper.
Then I carefully peeled away the paper. It’s ok if a couple of your tacks come out, just pop them back in place. We will secure them later.

Starting from the bottom, wrap your yarn around the bottom tack and weave your way up the heart. Wrap yarn around each tack 2-3 times.

When you get to the top you will need to wrap one side of the heart and then weave the yarn to the other side and finish the other side of the heart (see picture below).

Now flip your canvas over and use your hot glue gun to glue the tacks that are sticking out in place.
Then cut a piece of felt and glue it over the back just to make sure those tacks won’t poke anyone!

Now hang your artwork and admire!



  1. Jolynn says

    I’m in charge of girls camp this summer for 1,600 girls (180 per week)! This will be a perfect craft for for them. They are 12 and 13 years old and will love this project. Thank you so much for posting!!!

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