Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket

I had a cute little pot with sad little dead plant in it sitting by my kitchen sink… It needed sprucing up! A quick crochet basket to hang the pot in did the trick! I literally just grabbed my hook and the yarn closest to me and made up a simple little pattern as I went along. The yarn stretches so this could easily fit multiple size planters. The mustard ceramic pot pictured is from Michaels Craft Store and measures about 3 inches wide on the bottom, 4 inches wide the top, and 4 inches tall. I’m kinda into gray and yellow decor right now but I can totally see this hanging basket in a variety of colors! 
– Worsted weight yarn. I used Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in Katmai.
– Size G crochet hook
– Tapestry Needle
– Ceramic flower pot
– Ceiling hook
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
Ch = Chain
Hanging Basket Pattern:

Magic ring make, chain 2 and make 10 DC in ring, dot pull tight but join to first DC
Round 2: Chain 3 + DC in first, chain 2 and skip a stitch, *2 DC in next, chain and skip a stitch, repeat from * around, join in space between chain 3 and first DC
Round 3: Chain 3 + DC in first space, chain 1, *DC + chain 1+ DC in next space, chain 1, repeat from *around, join (20 DC)
Round 4: Chain 3 + DC in first space, chain 1, *DC in next space, chain 1, DC + chain 1 + DC in next, repeat from * around, join, chain 1
Round 5: 2 SC in each space around
Round 6: *Chain 7, skip 4 stitches, slip stitch to join next stitch, repeat from * around, join to bottom of first chain 7. You should have 12 chain spaces.
Round 7: Slip stitch up to the middle of first chain space, chain 7 and join with slip stitch to middle of next chain space, do not join,

Round 8-11: continue to chain 7 and join with slip stitch to middle of next chain space
Round 12: Reach your hook over and make 2 DC over each joining point and 3 SC around each chain space, join to first DC
Round 13: chain 50, skip 4 chain spaces and join with slip stitch, repeat two more times creating 3 handles for hanging.
Round 14: SC in each stitch around rim of basket (not along handles although you could if you want!)
Note: to make handles longer/shorter, chain more/less.

Now my my pot needs a plant and it’s ready to hang! 
Use a ceiling hook like the one below to hang your basket. 

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    I need a more cotton like yarn as the yarn I used is far too stretchy…I enjoyed making this lovely pattern and I will certainly make another soon. Thank you :-)

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    I've been looking for a hanging fruit/veg basket all day and found this! Hooray. Just two corrections, I am think. I believe that you meant SC for the magic circle round (at least the picture looks like singles). In round 2 I think you meant to ch 2 all the way around, not just ch. I love that you posted this, thank you so much for saving me some designing time! Super job! I'm using banana fiber yarn for mine, will do a post and link to this great pattern!

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