Perler Bead Stitch Markers

Create your own stitch markers with this quick and crafty tutorial! Made out of perler beads (also called fusion beads and hama beads), each one has the crochet hook letter size so if you put down your crochet project for awhile, you will always know which hook to use when you do get around to picking it back up.

– Perler beads and plates (square and hexagon plates for the ones pictured)
– Iron
– Parchment paper
– Lobster clasps
– Jump rings

Start by creating your letter formations as seen below. 
I found it easiest to place beads in plates with tweezers.
The G and J (and other letters with curves) work best with the hexagon plate. 
Fill in around letters with different color beads.

Place parchment paper (or paper that comes with perler bead pack) over beaded plate and iron until beads are melted together. But don’t over do it. You will need a small hole in the upper left hand corner to attach your clasp!

Place jump ring through hole in upper left hand corner. Then attach clasp. 
You may need needle nose pliers to help bend the wire.

All done and ready to be used! Consistently putting the clasp in the upper left will allow you to keep the letters right side up.. this will help in making sure you don’t confuse the “H” with the “I.” You could also add one more bead in the “I” to make it longer and differentiated.

A fun project to work on with the kids. My oldest and I had fun crafting together today!
Oh and here is my attempt at a perler bead yarn ball. What do you think?



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    Thank a lot for the patterns. I sold some of crochet stuffs from your patterns. I told my customers that I found the patterns online(I refered to your website). By the way I adapted patterns a little bit before completed the work. Thank you again!

  3. Jenny says

    Just made my own set– I don’t have a hexagon template, but the curved end of my heart template worked well for the “G” and “J.”

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