Lego Pixel Art


Since many of you have jumped on the crochet pixel blanket bandwagon with me, I thought you might enjoy some other ways we are using pixel graphs! Using single lego blocks, you can recreate any pixel graph into a work of art! My oldest has been helping me count an mark my pixel graphs when I crochet so when I found a Lego Pixel Art Kit on Amazon I knew he was going to be excited. He is very math-minded and loves counting, color-coordinating, and puzzle-piecing. This project kept him busy for hours!


The Building Bricks Mosaic Set comes with 1,000 pieces of single lego bricks and a 10×10 base plate. Of course you could also buy these pieces separately at toy stores or at the Lego store. Or use what you have at home already! The set comes with a variety of colors so if your picture graph is heavy on one or two colors (say you are making a zebra), you will want to purchase more of those colors separately.


Purchase the Building Bricks Mosiac Set: Brick Building Mosaic Set by SCS- 1000 Small Single Pieces with Baseplate and Instructions – Make your Own Pictures that fit with Lego

My son picked out the Fire Flower from Super Mario Brothers because it had a variety of colors and seemed like a fun beginner graph. It was perfect for him and he was so proud of the end result. He wanted to make sure I let you guys know that he created the entire piece himself :)



You can find the Fire Flower graph HERE

Keep in mind that you can use these lego bricks to make any pixel art graphs! I may even glue these down (I’m thinking hot glue) and then frame it. The baseplate board can be cut down!



I love getting my kids involved and this particular project combines math, art, and fine motor skills all in one! Win-win!





  1. Linz says

    I love this. I think i’m going to have to get something like this for my son. He is into the Lego and the mine-craft thing but I’m sure he can figure this out… He helped me make him a crochet hat from mine-craft the other day.

  2. Eva says

    Wow, he’s really good. My 4 1/2 year old son USA’s Hama Beads. Macbeth I kan use his ideas for a project. You Got me thinking now

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