Crochet Owl C2C Baby Blanket with Lion Brand Yarn


The Crochet Owl C2C Blanket is finished and ready! If you’ve always wanted to give the corner-to-corner technique of crocheting a try this is a great project to start with! I have created the owl design with consistent lines and minimal color changes, plus I included a detailed written and photo tutorial for you to follow if you are a beginner which includes directions on how to do increases and decreases, how to add new colors, and how to carry yarn. Also pictures on how to use bobbins! You can find the graph, tutorial, photos, and color change pattern all on the Lion Brand Yarn website! This blanket makes a wonderful baby gift and a must have piece for those of you who are owl-obsessed like me :)


In addition, I’ve created a full written pattern! Each stitch is written out for those who have trouble reading the graphs.

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice is a great yarn for this project. You can find links to the colors I chose included in the tutorial on or choose another fabulous color combo from the Vanna’s Choice line! So many options!


PLUS Lion Brand is currently offering a discount of 20% off Vanna’s Choice with a minimum of a 12 ball purchase to make the afghan! It can be used more than once and the dates of usage are from 11/18 – 12/18.
Coupon Code: repeatcrafterme2015


Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for commissioning this project and providing the yarn.
If you want to see more Lion Brand Yarn/Repeat Crafter Me collaborations please let us know!

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This is awesome! I can’t wait to try a c2c with color changes. I do have one question. When you go to use the color you left attached when do you cut the yarn? And how would you tie it off if there is a some distance between color changes?

I’m trying to download the written pattern off this site and it wont let me t keeps saying it unsafe :( is there a way to fix it ?

Thank you so very much for your blog. I know it takes hard work to write a blog as well as you do yours and I appreciate it. Thank you also for this pattern, I have never made one like this and am excited to get started making a blanket for my granddaughter. I also love that you love Vanna’s Choice yarn!! :)
Mrs. B

does it matter what size hook you use.. didn’t notice it having that in the pattern thanks so much.. can’t wait to start this adorable blanket for my friends preemie baby grandson

The link to download the written pattern keeps sending me to a blank page. That aside, thank you so much for sharing so much of your hard work for free! You are an amazing talent, Sarah, and your efforts are very much appreciated. 😉

Hi there. I like to do the owl c2c sqaure I was whonDer if you snail. Mail pattern with the owl pattren. Pm. Please with. Owl pattern. Please. Thanks. Jodiewmk@ hand mail pm. Please. Jodie

Hi, currently working on this awesome little blanket… one question. I am on row 15, in the written pattern it has rows 14 and 15 written in twice and it throws off the chain 3+ dc 3 increase. Can you tell me what I’m supposed to do after the first row 15 please!

Amy…I seen your comment…have not done this one yet….but if you check the pattern written on Lion website each row is only done once….I was checking this pattern out for my great nephew and seen that you were still waiting for a reply….I hope that helps you. I’m sure you will get a reply soon from this site. good luck

Love the pattern and plan to start on it as soon as I get the yarn. What I am interested in at the moment are your yarn bobbins. They look to be clothes pins…and would really love to know how that works.. keeping up with several colors of thread is always my biggest problem. Will you tell us how to fix those clothespins (if that is what they are). Many thanks for all the wonderful patterns you make available for free….so VERY KIND of you.

Hi Sarah, I have just found your beautiful owl pattern and I’m busy doing it. I do have a question though. I live in South Africa and our wool is weighted different to yours. We have 4 ply or double knit etc… I have tried to find conversion on the Internet but no such luck for me, so I was wondering what weight wool did you use to get the blanket to be size it is in your photo. Also what size hook did you use?
Thank you for the lovely pattern and for all your hard work in putting it together.

I was following the “pattern” on the lion website where it lists the number of blocks of each color rather than c3 3dc etc. I used different colors and the letter designations were confusing me so I wrote out long hand those same instructions but with my color designations. Now I’ve hit a road block where I think I wrote it down wrong so I tried to go back to the lion site but it shows that page is no longer available. Can you help me out? Thanks so much!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this pattern! It is my first time doing c2c and it is so much fun! I think I found a little mistake in your pattern in row 24, I think it should be 5 blocks of sapphire instead of 6.
Thank you again! :)

Hello Sarah! I have started the C2C Owl Baby Afghan & love it. The only problem is I don’t have a list of the yarns & amounts needed. Can you email that to me?
I do have the written instructions.

Greatly appreciated, thanks!


Trying to download pattern and graph from the Lion brand site and i am unable to it keeps saying its invalid format. If there is anyway you could email it to me i would greatly appreciate it. Can’t to start working on this project

Thank you so much☺

I am currently trying this but i am on row 21 the way the pattern is written the first stitch for the foot will be at the wing I have started it 3 times and get the same results any suggestions?