How to Make a Yarn Pom-Pom without it Falling Apart


You know the struggle! You make a yarn pom-pom and no matter how tightly you tie the center, it falls apart or easily pulls apart with a little tug on the strings. So frustrating! Especially when you are making pom-poms to embellish hats for gifts or to sell, you don’t want your product coming undone. Hot glue to the rescue! This might be an unconventional method, but it works for me and keeps my pom strings intact.


To create a small pom-pom, I wrap the yarn around 3 fingers (4 fingers for a larger pom) and as I wrap, I put a strip of hot glue along the center. Obviously you want to be careful not to get the hot glue on your fingers!

Watch the video below to see¬†how it’s done:




  1. Eulonda says

    Thank you for this GREAT IDEA!!!! Mine always seem to pull out after numerous attempts & with different ways to make it…. Surely this one has to be fail safe :)….. Will use the small gun other wise OUCH!!! Blisters!

  2. Shari Kalous says

    Pretty awesome! To bad she clipped off so much yarn though what a waste. I would have used 2 fingers for that size pom and cut of would have been waste. I hate waste.

  3. tempest sharp says

    I love this, and yes no pieces come out, however, since there was all that superglue, i had a hard time attaching the hat. any advice.

  4. Pam says

    Would this method work for pom pom makers? I am so not good with hand made pom poms. I bought the clover pom pom maker and it does make great pom poms but I still have the same problem that everyone else does….the strands pull out no matter how tight you tie them!

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