Crochet Emoji C2C Graphgan


Are you or your kids Emoji-obssessed? It’s hard not to love those cute little faces and icons that give your texts and social media posts a little pizzazz! I created 9 Emoji Crochet C2C (corner-to-corner) squares and stitched them together to make a fun Emoji Graphgan! A fairly simple project that you can easily add to.  A great gift for your teen or tween! Don’t forget about the “Poop Pillow” to pair with your Emoji Face Blanket!



You can find all the materials, instructions, graphs and color change patterns by following the links below:

Tears of Joy Emoji

Crazy Face Emoji

Smiley Face Emoji

Blowing Kiss Emoji

Heart Eyes Emoji

Sunglasses Emoji

Embarrassed Emoji

Happy Face Emoji

Sobbing Emoji

Plus two bonus squares: The Poop Emoji and Prayer Emoji


I stitched my squares together by simply SC the edges. First horizontally and then vertically. This is the same technique I used to put together my Daisy Afghan.

Yellow used in tutorial to show the stitches better. I ultimately decided on white for the seams.
EmojiBlanket_Tut1 EmojiBlanket_Tut2 EmojiBlanket_Tut3

I made a simple SC border around the entire edge. First using white, then yellow, brown, and white again. Be sure that you make a SC + Chain 2 + SC on each corner.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Mini Crochet-along! So many possibilities for this blanket and many other squares could be added! I have included a blanket graph for you to sketch out your own emoji’s at the end of THIS POST.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Emoji’s! Can’t wait to see your versions!


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  1. Dawn says

    This is sooooo awesome!!! Right before you started this, my nephew asked me to make an emoji pillow for him. Wasn’t sure what do do but you figured it out for me! Thank you so much! I love your website and FREE patterns! Again, thanks for all you do!

  2. Kris says

    Love your patterns! Your blog is how I taught myself to crochet. Thank you!

    Could you tell me how much yarn you used for the entire blanket and pillows? I’m going to learn how to do c2c squares finally. :)

    • Kristi says

      I am just finishing this up, and I’ve used 4 skeins of white, 3 yellow, 1 brown, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 pink. You may need a bit more – mine turned out much smaller than Sarah’s did (about 8″ instead of 12″ with a G hook).

      • Stephanie says

        That sounds about right for what I did, my squares came out about the same. Think I’m going to try to make a few of my own to make it bigger :)

  3. suzanne johnson says

    Hi can you advise what stitch is used please, the pattern says 3w , is this the weaver stitch?

    Thank you for an amazing pattern, my grand children will love this


    • Kristi says

      It’s a C2C graph, so its actually series of 4 double crochet. Check out some tutorials on youtube for how to do it. Once you get going, its fast and fun!

  4. Anita says


    I love this and would love to make one for my daughter but I think it is above me. Any chance I can pay you to make one for me? If so, How much and how long do you think?

    • Kimber says

      Hi Anita. I just want to encourage you to try this- you can do it! I have only been crocheting for a short time, and I thought the same thing with the Christmas one. But I gave it a go, and it turned out great. It’s really not hard, just a little tedious. And the emoji one is much easier. Just go on Utube and learn the C2C


  5. Sarah says

    Do you know how much yarn it took you to do the entire blanket? I’d like to buy it all at once to match dye lots and not have to keep picking up yarn.

  6. Jennifer says

    Can you tell me what finished size (approx) – my sister and I can literally carry on an entire convo in emoji’s so this would be perfect for her…

  7. Kimber says

    Sarah: did you do the double crochets in the emoji blanket as opposed to the half doubles in the Christmas one? I just assumed you used the HDC’s but my first block is only 10″( and I’m a loose hooker)

  8. PassionC2C says

    If you don’t mind me to ask a friendly question. How comes you provided this pattern for free? I do not understand because most of the time pattern usually for sale. I was somewhat surprised that you decided not to sell. Why is that? It makes me curiosity because this is my first time seen this for free. That is something general pattern usually don’t. I am very amazing with your work already. It is nice to see something different.

    • Gina Georgopoulos says

      Sarah has a very kind sole. I have been following her for a few years now. We all appreciate her talent, and love that she is so generous.

  9. marie-ange says

    trop sympa ces smiley j’adore Merci pour le partage Pour débuter c’est super bonne fin d’après midi

  10. Debbie says

    I am making the tears of joy emoji square and having problems when I reach row 16…I have too many squares.

  11. Barb says

    I just love this, so in right now! I have saved several of your patterns and really like how you think. Thank You so much for sharing your creations, it is deeply appreciated. I am on a very limited budget and your generosity is deeply appreciated. May you and yours be blessed.

  12. Rebecca says

    My friend and I started working on this together. We tried the “bobbin” method for changing colors and find that either carrying colors when it’s not too many or just dropping/rejoining is just easier. That being said, we’ve noticed that on the front side of the square, you can see where the color change is (it’s not a seamless transition). We add the new color in at the last double crochet but we still see the thread from the previous stitch. Any idea how to fix this?

    • Nancy says

      I noticed this too. I only use the Crochet Crowd method when it is going to look nice. Otherwise I tie off and start again. I would rather spend the time sewing in the extra yarn that having it look messy.

  13. parveen says

    Hi mam… loved ur work .. amazed to see it for free.. can u plz tel me how to change colors while doing this afgan

  14. Melissa says

    Hi, I just want to start by saying you are extremely talented, I’ve crocheted lots of stuff using ur patterns. I’m working on the emoji graphgan right now and it’s my first time working the c2c , I can’t seem to figure out how to do the decreasing part, any advise would be greatly appreciated:)) Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern

    • Caitlin Marshall says

      I am also stuck on the decreasing part as when I traditionally do the decrease (using the The Crochet Crowd tutorial I am 1 square out on the pattern. I have pulled my square apart several times to try and work in out. All the rest is good! Thank you so much for the free patterns!

  15. Maggie M says

    I have started to crochet one of the faces. But changing colours is a problem. I have so many thread ends. Is it possible to carry them over, but some end would be very long. So do I have to put up with sewing in these numerous ends. Please give me some ideas

    many thnaks

    • Nancy says

      If you watch the video by the Crochet Crowd on how to feed in the yarn as you go, that might help. I did this as much as I could but if it just didn’t look right, I tied off the yarn and began again. I had some yarn to sew back in using the Crochet Crowd’s technique but not as much as if I had tied off for every colour. I hope that helps. Have fun!

  16. Sara says

    I want to make this for my daughter who has some sensory problems. She prefers a little thicker and soft textiles than worsted weight yarn. Do you you think I could make this with Stylecraft special chunky and a J hook?

    Thank you so much for this pattern. My daughter is obsessed with emojis.


    • Nancy says

      I did! I bough a large ball for the white (and am onto my 2nd large ball) (Super saver). Next time I would buy 2 Super Savers of the yellow as well. The rest of the colours, you only need a small amount. Have fun!

  17. Judy says

    Where are the actual pattern instructions????? I would like to make the emoji afghan all I got done on your site was closing advertising sites!!! :(

  18. Nancy says

    Wow…having never done C2C crocheting before, it took me forever to learn how to do it. After watching a ton of videos and trial and error I finally figured it out. Loving how this blanket is coming together. Starting the last square today and then I’ll be sewing them all together. Thank you for the great pattern!

  19. Nancy says

    Hi everyone: If you are new to this like I was…and almost finished this blanket. If you watch the Crochet Crowd video on how to do C2C…whatever you do, don’t follow the graph. I tried to do that and it was so frustrating. Instead, follow out the written instructions (at the bottom of the pattern). So much more easier than the graph! :) Have fun!

  20. Anne says

    My granddaughter is crazy for emoji and saw this. Now I’m going to have to make it. She saw the angel emoji square. Is that one that you created also? The blanket is very cute.

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