Crochet V-stitch Flower Granny Squares


Apparently the new year brought lots of new ideas because I have several WIPs but unfortunately I can’t seem to stay on one project for too long. I find myself fiddling around with multiple design ideas. This little V-Stitch Flower Granny Square was born from one of my brainstorming sessions! I used a rainbow of colors and just love how fun and bright they all look together! I think I might make a scarf even though a blanket would be beautiful as well… maybe even a pillow!

– Size H Crochet Hook
– Worsted Weight Yarn. I used a rainbow of colors from Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.
– Tapestry needle

Magic Ring Tutorial
V-Stitch = DC + Chain 1 + DC all in same stitch
SC = Single Crochet
DC = Double Crochet

V stitch Granny Square:

With color 1:
Magic ring, Chain 1 and make 8 SC in ring, join to first SC.
Round 2: Chain 4 + DC in first stitch (this counts as your first v-stitch), v-stitch (DC + chain + DC) in each remaining stitch around, join to 3rd chain.
With color 2:
Round 3: Working in the v-stitches from previous row, chain 4 + dc in first v-stitch space, chain 1,* v-stitch + chain 1 + v stitch in next (this is your corner), chain 1, v-stitch, chain 1, repeat from * around, join to 3rd chain.
With border color:
Round 4: Chain 3 + DC in first v-stitch space (chain 3 counts as your first DC), DC in next chain space, 2 DC in next v-stitch space,  2 DC + chain 2 + 2 DC in corner,  Continue by making 2 DC in each v-stitch, DC in each chain space, 2 DC + chain 2 + 2 DC in each corner, join to first DC. Fasten off and weave in ends.

VstitchSquares4 VstitchSquare5

VstitchSquare6 VstitchSquare7 VstitchSquare3


Update 1-9-16

I made a scarf! I Crocheted 3 rows of SC in white on either end of each square. Then I sewed them together with a tapestry needle. When they were all sewn together I made a round of SC stitches around the entire edge of the scarf.


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  1. says

    Oh, I love how these look! Since they’re not too big, I’m thinking they would make great “temperature” squares to end up with a big blanket at the end of the year! Bookmarking for next year! ;o)

  2. Elizabeth A Gonzalez says

    Thank You so much for sharing your talent! The V stitch Flower Granny Square is the perfect take along WIP.

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