Poop Emoji and Prayer Emoji Pillows, C2C squares, and pixel graphs


If you’ve been following my Emoji C2C graphgan you’ve seen the 9 Emoji face squares I’ve created. But this project wouldn’t be complete without the poop emoji! I’ve created a “Poop Pillow” to go with my Emoji face graphgan! And for those who don’t fancy the poop emoji, I’ve also created a “Prayer Pillow” as well! I’m including the graphs for both the poop and prayer emojis in the is post and the directions on how to make the pillow. Or add them as additional squares to your blanket!

Download the Poop Emoji graph HERE


– Worsted weight yarn in White, Brown, and Black (one skein of each color). I used Vanna’s Choice in Chocolate, White, and Black,
– Size G Crochet Hook
-Tapestry Needle

Color Change Pattern for Poop Emoji Graph:

Increase Rows:
Row 1: 1W
Row 2: 2W
Row 3: 3W
Row 4: 1W, 2Brown, 1W
Row 5: 1W, 3Brown, 1W
Row 6: 2W, 3Brown, 1W
Row 7: 1W, 4Brown, 2W
Row 8: 2W, 5Brown, 1W
Row 9: 1W, 1Brown, 2W, 2Brown, 3W
Row 10: 3W, 1Brown, 1W, 1Brown, 2W, 1Brown, 1W
Row 11: 1W, 1Brown, 2W, 1Brown, 2W, 1Brown, 3W
Row 12: 3W, 1Brown, 1W, 1Black, 1W, 1Brown, 1W, 2Brown, 1W
Row 13: 1W, 2Brown, 1W, 2Brown, 1W, 1Black, 5W
Row 14: 4W, 1Brown, 2W, 1Brown, 1W, 4Brown, 1W
Row 15: 2W, 3Brown, 2W, 1Brown, 1W, 1Brown, 5W

Decrease Rows:
Row 16: 4W, 3Brown, 1W, 1Black, 1W, 3Brown, 1W
Row 17: 1W, 3Brown, 1W, 1Black, 1W, 3Brown, 3W
Row 18: 3W, 3Brown, 2W, 2Brown, 2W
Row 19: 3W, 1Brown, 1W, 4Brown, 2W
Row 20: 2W, 5Brown, 3W,
Row 21: 5W, 3Brown, 1W
Row 22: 1W, 1Brown, 6W
Row 23: 5W, 1Brown, 1W
Row 24: 6W
Row 25: 5W
Row 26: 4W
Row 27: 3W
Row 28: 2W
Row 29: 1W


You can download the Prayer Emoji graph HERE


– Worsted weight yarn. I used Vanna’s Choice in White, Aqua, Sapphire, Honey, Beige, and Msustard.
– Size G Crochet Hook
-Tapestry Needle

Color Change Pattern for Poop Emoji Graph:

Increase Rows:
Row 1: 1W
Row 2: 2W
Row 3: 1W, 1Sapphire, 1W
Row 4: 1W, 2Sapphire, 1W
Row 5: 2W, 1Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1W
Row 6: 1W, 1Sapphire, 1Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1Y, 1W
Row 7: 1W, 1Y, 1W, 2Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1W
Row 8: 2W, 2Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1Y, 2W
Row 9: 2W, 1Y, 1W, 1Aqua, 1Beige, 1Sapphire, 2W
Row 10: 3W, 2Beige, 1Sapphire, 1Y, 3W
Row 11:  1W, 3Y, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Honey, 2Sapphire, 1W
Row 12: 1W, 1Sapphire, 1Aqua, 1Beige, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Honey, 3Y, 1W
Row 13: 4W, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1W
Row 14: 1W, 1Sapphire, 2Aqua, 2Beige, 1Honey, 2Beige, 5W
Row 15: 1W, 4Y, 1Honey, 1Beige, 1Honey, 2Beige, 3Aqua, 1Sapphire, 1W

Decrease Rows:
Row 16: 1W, 4Sapphire, 2Beige, 1Honey, 1Beige, 1Honey, 3Y, 1W
Row 17: 3W, 1Honey, 1Beige, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Honey, 4W
Row 18: 1W, 3Y, 1Honey, 2Beige, 1Honey, 1Beige, 1Honey, 2W
Row 19: 2W, 1Beige, 1Honey, 1Beige, 2Honey, 3Y, 1W
Row 20: 3W, 1Y, 1W, 1Honey, 1Beige, 2Honey, 1W
Row 21: 2W, 1Beige, 1Honey, 1Y, 1W, 1Y, 2W
Row 22: 2W, 1Y, 1W, 1Y, 2Honey, 1W
Row 23: 3W, 1Y, 1W, 1Y, 1W
Row 24: 1W, 1Y, 1W, 1Y, 2W
Row 25: 2W, 1Y, 2W
Row 26: 2W, 1Y, 1W
Row 27: 1W, 1Y, 1W
Row 28: 2W
Row 29: 1W



To put together a pillow you will need to make a second square that is 15×15 pixel squares (it can be a solid color). You will also need a 12×12 pillow form. I purchase mine at Michael’s Craft Store.


SC the front and back pieces together. You will want to stop after 3 sides are connect. Insert your pillow form and SC the last side closed. Weave in ends.

EmojiPillow2 EmojiPillow3

PoopEmojiPillow PrayerEmojiPillow

So which do you prefer? The poop square or the prayer square?!

Want to create your own emoji pixel square? Use THIS blank 15×15 template. Print it out and fill it in with colored pencils. I make my graphs in Excel and then fill in the squares in photoshop.


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  1. Mick San says

    Thank you for the Emoji C2C panels. They are too cute, yes… Even the “Poop” panel. Lol
    Thank you also for the blank template. I’d like to make my own panel so that my friend and I can do a mini CAL. Can you advice or make a tutorial on how to write out instructions. Thank you

  2. Paola says

    Hola. Como hago para ir usando todos los colores mientras avanzo sin cortar el hilo? How i do for to use all the colors when i am going up with out to cut the yarn?

  3. Sasha says

    Thanks for the great patterns! Would love to make the whole blanket for my brother but for now I just decided to make my favorite 2 emojis into a pillow for his bed. I still want to attempt making it in the near future but I found that untangling the yarn takes more time than the actual crocheting. How do you keep away the mess as you change colors and turn?

  4. Patti says

    I truly LVE this blanket and want to make one for each of my brothers! You are so gracious to share all of this including the graphs, thank you for that! Could you clarify the STITCH you used to create this? I didn’t see it in the patterns. No base chain for each panel? What stitch actually makes the small block like look? I saw G hook and color changes according to each small “block” Thanks for this additional reference ❤️

    • Patti says

      LOL!!! Yes, I am a newbie to this world of yarn… I did some research and found my answer… C2C is the pattern. Got it! Thanks again for for generously sharing this with all of us!

  5. Kay says

    Is it just me?
    But before I read the titles I thought the prayer looked like a fly to go with the poop!
    Quite daring I thought….
    ***red face***I can now see the hands…. :)

  6. Stevie says

    This looks fun and easy to do! Just wondering did you carry the yarn to the end or did you just cut when you change colors and sew it in?

    Thanks :)

  7. Lindsay says

    What size did these finished squares end up being? Mine’s only 10″, i don’t think a 12″ pillow will fit in between them.

  8. Torry Hyatt says

    I used the poop panel but it wasn’t quite big enough for the pillow form I had lying around, so I put 2 rounds of brown dc around it, and made the backing a solid dc granny square. I joined it and made a 4 dc per stitch ruffle all the way around. Instead of closing off the bottom of the pillow cover, I made it easy to take off for washing by hiding a tie behind the ruffle. I don’t see a way to post a pic here.

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