Crochet Planned Color Pooling Scarf


If you haven’t seen this crochet trend, you are about to be amazed! Variegated yarn just got a whole lot better looking with the planned color pooling technique! Many variegated yarns have a repeating sequence of colors. Patterns like this one can be created with simple stitches! This is Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Shadow. With a size H hook, I chained 28 and used the moss stitch. It’s like magic! But you may need to use a little trial and error to get the design to work with your variegated yarn. Below are some tips and tricks I learned while making this scarf.

Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Shadow ( I use 6 skeins… the 6th skein was used only for the fringe so really you could get away with 5 skeins). CLICK HERE to purchase this yarn from
– Size H crochet hook.
– Large tapestry needle

Finished Size: 7 inches wide by 68 inches long (not including fringe)
Moss Stitch: The moss stitch (also called the granite stitch) is made by making a SC + chain 1, skip a stitch, SC+ chain in next. Here are two great moss stitch tutorials: Moss/Granite Stitch Video Tutorial by Moogly or How to Crochet a Moss Stitch Scarf Video Tutorial by The Crochet Crowd

Since the yarn pooling trend hit social media a few weeks ago, there have been several tutorials posted on how to achieve yarn pooling. I am going to show you how I did it with this specific yarn, but if you are looking to color pool several of your skeins of variegated yarn, you many want to take a peek at this great tutorial HERE from Yolanda Soto-Lopez on her All Crafts Channel YouTube channel. In addition Mikey from The Crochet Crowd has also written up a helpful post HERE on this technique!

To create the Bernat Softee Chunky Planned Pooling Scarf, you will start by chaining 28. If you aren’t using this yarn, you need to find your “magic number.” It needs to be an even number usually between 20-34 stitches. I have found the most luck with 20, 24, and 28.


Starting: see (in picture above) how I skipped the first color patch of purple? This ensures that I don’t start in the middle of the color. Then when I chained 28 I ended about 2 stitches into a color (it also happens to be purple). I found that if you end and turn on the start of a color, you have more success.


After chaining 28, skip the first 3 chains and SC +chain 1 in 4th chain from hook, continue moss stitch until the end, chain 2 and turn again. SC + chain 1 in the first chain 1 space and continue moss stitch in the chain 1 spaces down rest of row, chain 2 and turn. Repeat rows of moss stitch until the length desired. You will need to get through about 10 rows to really see if your color pooling pattern is working.


How to add in a new skein: You will need to leave several feet of yarn to make sure your new skein color pattern is lining up with the previous skein. Make sure at least 12-24 inches of yarn is lining up. Then knot your yarn together. You may need to un-knot if the pattern doesn’t work out and join in a new spot. Leave ends hanging off your knot long enough to weave in at the end.


Tension: Even though I used the same yarn throughout this project, I noticed I had to be very precise when it came to my tension. It was interesting because I felt like my second skein was a bit thicker than my first. So I had to make sure I tightened my tension slightly for the pooling pattern to continue to work. Other than that, I had to keep a very even tension throughout.


Finish off with some fringe! If you don’t know how to add fringe, I found THIS YouTube tutorial that shows you.





I can’t wait to see your planned color pooling scarves! Be sure to tag @RepeatCrafterMe on social media and show me your magic!

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Please help. I have retry edit over and over this pattern. I can’t get it. I got the yarn at the end like it said. Sc 34, then at the end chain two. Turn and do the moss stitch. I did start in the fourth chain reaction from hook Didn’t come out

Hi. I’m very much interested in learning this method. I’ve been trying and watched many videos some are same as you have recommended. Still I cannot achieve the look. Does the variegated yarn has to have a certain length in each colour strand? Mine has short length maybe 10 cm each colour.

Lahib, Re your question re color lengths on variegated yarn. 10 cm, which is not quite 4 inches, is too short for color changes. site advises 6″ to 12″ and the lengths of each color can be variable as long as they’re in the 6″-12″ range. I too am just trying to learn this technique; it doesn’t seem to be very easy and tension is very important. Sadly, my tension can be all over the place. Good luck!

I too have tried this pattern multiple times and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I’m going wrong. I chained 28, sc’d into the 4th from the hook, chained one, then skipped a stitch and repeated that across (sc chain skip one, etc.) I ended with 25, plus 2 chains for the turn. I followed the pattern for more than half the skein and it started out looking right, but I don’t know what I’m missing. Maybe I need to switch to a smaller hook? My scarf is 7 1/2 inches wide rather than the 7 mentioned in the instructions.

Any help would be appreciated.

I am using the same yarn (different colors) but I had to try a whole variety of hook sizes to get the pattern to work out (and make it so it wasn’t so tight). Finally ended up with size M hook and I think I am onto something. Not yet finished with first skein of yarn, but I’m hopeful.

Very Beautiful..Trying to find the pattern so I can download it for my personal use. AWESOME JOB THANK YOU FOR SHARING