Crochet C2C Valentine’s Heart Table Runner


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner you might be looking for some cute but simple decor ideas. Look no further! Using the corner-to-corner crochet method, you can whip up a Valentine’s Heart Table Runner in no time! Plus you can make it as long or short as you’d like by adding or leaving off one or more hearts to the design. My runner is 64 inches long and 12 inches wide (not including the tassels). Whether you are planning a romantic dinner or take-out with the kids, this decor idea will brighten your table and put you in a festive mood!

– Bernat Super Value Yarn in Berry, Baby Pink, and Winter White. You only need 1 skein of each. Shop these colors and more at
– Size H crochet hook
– Tapestry Needle

If you aren’t familiar with the C2C technique, I have a video class available HERE for purchase that teaches you this technique! The Crochet Crowd also has a very helpful video tutorial for FREE that shows you the basic technique of corner-to-corner crochet. Check that out HERE.

First you will want to download the Valentine’s Heart Runner Pixel Graph.
You can do that HERE.
Next you will want to download the pixel graph with the end pieces of Valentine’s Heart Runner. You can do that HERE. You will need to crochet two of these pieces.
UPDATE! Thanks to Keilanna Hammond for taking the time to create a written pattern from the table runner graph! She typed out all the instructions for each row to make it easier for some of you, especially since some of you are printing your graph in gray scale. GET THE WRITTEN PATTERN HERE.


Once you have crocheted your two end pieces, you will want to transform the edge with ridges to a smooth edge so you can sew it onto either end of your heart runner.


To smooth the ridges:

Slip stitch across first 3 stitches and slip stitch over the chain 3 which brings you to the first “dip,” HDC in first stitch in the dip, SC in next, slip stitch in next, Slip Stitch over the chain 3. Now you are at the next dip. HDC, SC, slip stitch, slip stitch over chain 3. Repeat all the way down.

Now you are ready to sew the triangle ends on!


Weave long strand and tapestry needle back and forth under the SC stitches on both sides.




Now join red yarn at any point on the edge and SC evenly around entire piece making a SC+chain 2+SC on the two pointed ends. A good way to keep your stitches even along the edge is to alternate between making 2 SC and then 3 SC along each “square.” You will want to make two rounds of SC along the edges.


Now switch to white yarn and make one last round of SC stitches around the entire edge. Remember to make a SC+chain 2+SC on the two pointed ends.
Add a little frill to the last round of your border! SC, chain 4, skip one stitch, SC to next, chain 4, skip one stitch, SC to next, repeat around.
Add a yarn tassel to each end to complete the piece!






Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Michelle Kozak says

    Love the ♥ table runner! I have completed it, but, can’t find it in ravelry to link. Are you going to post?

  2. Kathy Bartholomew says

    question: this is my first C2C with the graph. I am halfway through the first heart, and wonder if the 2nd heart is started at the same time as the 1st heart is finishing…


  3. Donna Cooney says

    I so love this. Made it for my table for V’day and our anniversary (2/15). I would like to know if there is a shamrock version for St. Patty’s day!???

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