The Yarnit Review, Giveaway, and The Big Sully Kickstarter!

Oh my goodness! I finally got my hands on the most amazing crochet accessory called The Yarnit!! I am so excited about this product! Let me tell you why: The Yarnit is an unbreakable globe that keeps your yarn ball from rolling on the floor, keeping it clean of dirt, dust, and pet hair! The yarn effortlessly pulls through the portholes which means no tangles or knots to deal with! Plus this cool ... continue reading


Laundry Change Yarn Fund Jar

All that loose change I find while doing the laundry is now going into one place: my Yarn Fund Jar! This is a quick little project to set up and put to use! I found my supplies at Michaels Craft Store and Home Depot but you can absolutely use any size mason jar and wooden plaque. Just think of how much yarn you can buy when you fill up this jar! It's like free spending money which will lead to ... continue reading


Crochet C2C Bernat Blanket Bear

Looking for a quick, easy, and gender neutral baby blanket?! This one is going to be your new go-to pattern! I've combined my two newest obsessions: Bernat Blanket Yarn and C2C (corner-to-corner) to create this extra soft and snuggly Teddy Bear Blanket! If you aren't familiar with Bernat Blanket Yarn, it is a bulky weight, soft and cozy chenille-style yarn that is great for plush blankets, crochet ... continue reading


Starbucks Spring Beverages and Crochet C2C Coffee Cup Granny Square

Spring is the perfect season to enjoy a little iced coffee or tea and crochet outside! At least once I week I like to take an hour to myself to sit on the patio and relax with my hook, yarn, and a cup of Starbucks® Black Iced Coffee. But if tea is more your thing, Starbucks® TAZO series has a plethora of flavors... their Chai Tea being one of my favorites :) This weekend I worked up a C2C coffee ... continue reading


Repeat Crafter Me Zazzle Shop

Did you know I have a Zazzle shop? And it's full of fun crochet themed items! I think you guys might like the latest addition to my shop: a Crocheter in Training toddler shirt! My daughter is my sidekick helper in the yarn aisle and she loves to poke at the skeins with a crochet hook as she pretends to crochet. Some day she will be a crochet addict but right now she is definitely my little ... continue reading


Cuddly Crochet Cloud

When I showed you guys my Bright and Bulky Bernat Blanket, I kept getting comments about how the yarn looked like a fluffy cloud... and at that point I couldn't resist :) Meet my cute little Cuddly Crochet Cloud! Made with soft and squishy Bernat Blanket Yarn, it really does look and "feel" like a cloud! Materials: - 1 skein of Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn in White. You can purchase directly ... continue reading