New Year’s Poppers

The holidays are over and I have a huge stack of empty wrapping paper rolls and cardboard boxes just waiting to made into a craft project! My first project: New Year’s Poppers:

Make and Takes has a great tutorial on how to make these. It’s a quick project and I’m excited for the kids to “pop” these open and find a little treat inside on New Year’s Eve.

Here is what you do:

1. Cut a toilet paper size tube in half. That way, kids can pop the poppers in half or by the ends. Either way works well.
2. Fill your tube with confetti and candy. Try not to stuff it too full or the contents will have a harder time popping out. I didn’t have confetti so I used shredded colored paper. I filled a couple with candy and others with little plastic critters for my son to play with.
3. Wrap your tube with wrapping paper and tape closed.
4. Tie off the ends with ribbon, sealing it all inside.
If you are really feeling creative, you can buy cracker snaps to put inside so when they open, they actually make the popping noise. You can buy them here:
Now you are ready for a New Year’s Eve celebration!


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