Crochet Santa Pixel Square

The other day I gave my social media followers a peek at this crochet Santa square and now I am going to give you the graph pattern and tell you a little bit about a large project I have in the works!

Santa is square number 1 of 9 total squares that are going to make up a Crochet Christmas Character Afghan! As I finish each square, I will post the graph and reveal the next character/image in the blanket. Feel free to work along with me! After all the squares are complete I will sew them together and add a border. By Christmas (but hopefully soon before) we will have ourselves a fun holiday themed afghan! I don’t want to give too much away, but I bet you can see some of the cute characters that are coming up (even if they are blurred out right now).

I am using the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. You can see my first C2C graphgan HERE that has a how-to video. But I am told that most people have success learning how to make a C2C graphgan by following THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATION by The Crochet Crowd.

Each pixel graph in my blanket is 25×25 pixel squares. I used a size F (3.75mm) hook and worsted weight yarn. For this particular square I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Silver Grey, Scarlet red, Pink, White, and Black.

VERY IMPORTANT: Instead of the traditional C2C method of using DC’s and chain 3’s to make each pixel, I used HDC’s and only chained 2 (and chained 5 instead 6 on the increase stitches). This allowed me to have a smaller overall afghan square, measuring approximately 15×15 inches. You can absolutely use the traditional method but your square will be much larger and your overall afghan will be much larger as well once you sew them all together. As is, my finished blanket will be big enough for a twin size bed… possibly even larger!

You do not have to use the C2C method either! You can take this graph and make a standard SC graphgan. This will produce nice small squares (think 25 single crochets wide and tall) that will be perfect for a standard size blanket. You could also make Pixel Granny Squares and use the graphs I post to create separate character blankets. There is also the Bobble Stitch method as well! So many ways to use these graphs!

When you finish the graph you will want to make a nice SC border around the entire square. Make SC+chain2+ SC in each corner.

Stay tuned for square #2! Hope you are as excited as I am about this project!Update 8/16/15!
A very gracious Repeat Crafter Me follower and avid crocheter named Jennifer has written out the color changes for the Santa C2C graph! Thank you Jennifer taking the time to do this and allowing me to repost it on my blog!

Santa C2C graph translated into a written pattern by Jennifer Heath-Rogers
Color Chart:
G = grey
P=peach (or pink) 
Row1- 1G
R2 – 2G
R3 – 3G
R4 – 4G
R5- 5G
R6- 6G
R7 – 7G
R8- 3G 3W 2G
R9- 1G 5W 3G
R10 – 3G 6W 1G
R11- 1G 7W 3G
R12 – 4G 7W 1G
R13- 1G 8W 4G
R14- 1G 1W 3G 8W 1G
R15- 1G 9W 2G 2W 1G
R16- 2G 1W 3G 9W 1G
R17- 1G 10W 2G 1R 3G
R18- 4G 1R 1G 11W 1G
R19- 1G 11W 1G 2R 4G
R20- 4G 2R 2W 1P 10W 1G
R21- 2G 8W 1P 1W 1P 2W 2R 4G
R22- 4G 2R 2W 2P 1W 1P 1R 7W 2G
R23- 2G 7W 1R 1P 2W 2P 2W 1R 5G
R24- 5G 1R 2W 3P 2W 1P 7W 3G
R25- 3G 7W 1P 1W 1R 1P 1B 1P 3W 1R 5G
///////////// START DECREASE ///////////////
R26 – 4G 2R 3W 2P 2R 1W 1P 6W 3G
R27- 2G 9W 1R 2P 4W 1R 4G
R28- 3G 2R 4W 3P 8W 2G
R29- 2G 5W 5P 4W 2R 3G
R30- 2G 3R 4W 1P 1B 2P 5W 2G
R31- 5G 2W 3P 4W 3R 2G
R32- 2G 3R 4W 2P 1W 6G
R33- 5G 2W 1P 4W 4R 1G
R34- 1G 4R 6W 5G
R35- 5G 5W 4R 1G
R36- 1G 4R 4W 5G
R37- 5G 3W 4R 1G
R38- 2G 4R 1W 5G

Join my Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Group for more help with the Christmas Character graphs and this project!

Need help with your C2C squares? Join my Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Facebook Group! Hundreds of fellow crocheters are also working on this project, asking good questions and getting great answers!

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How much yarn did you use? I am wondering if one ball/skein will be enough for the same hook size you did this one. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with all of us!!

Oh I LOVE THIS!! Now I'm gonna make them….I see elves, snowmen, trees and stockings in my future!!! THANK YOU Sarah for being so unbelievable creative, talented and GENEROUS with all of us!!! We all {{HEART}} you very much!!!

I am in LOVE LOVE with this! It is GORGEOUS! I will be making it for sure! Do you have any suggestions for how to make a star? I'd love to be able to add like the star of Bethleham, but am not quite sure how to do a pattern lol. Just thought you might have a suggestion :)

I've enjoyed many projects from your blog and have been watching the pixel crocheting. This is a project I think I need to join in and make. My granddaughters will love it! (they are young 5, 2, and almost 1!)

So I started a massive 9 panel blanket using no gap granny squares. It'll end up huge. I've only done 1 1/4 panels, but I'm seriously tempted to just leave the one panel as it and start over using this method or the bobble.
It won't take forever then!

For the sc border, is it 2 sc per block then sc ch2 sc in the corners? Just want to make sure I am doing it correctly and that all my blocks will have an even number for joining :)

I am also at this point now and am also concerned how many sc to do as I want it all even to join up after all this hard work.

Yes! I had the same thought… My brother’s girlfriend loves Halloween and it would be a fun Christmas gift. Please let us know if you come up with something?? :)

I had the same question. It's my first c2c project, and my squares are not coming out all the same…and I'm wondering if it is because I'm doing too may/not enough hdc in each square.

This is so fun and easy to do, and I have never attempted to do a graph but when I saw this I had to. Working on my third one now, I decided to make one for my mom, my daughter and for me. Can't wait for the next square and THANK YOU so much!

This square looks awesome! I don't have nearly enough yarn to be able to finish a project this large but I would like to try, I think someone above requested yarn colors and approximate yds/oz's, I'm just repeating the question!Your square looks so cute and well done, thank you for working with us as you go along!

Sarah – Thanks so much for sharing your C2C with us. I'm having trouble with how to decrease and I'm wondering if you or someone else can help me. I have finished up to row 25 going from right to left and I'm wondering if that's where I start the decrease and if so, how do I do it. Each time I give it a try, my santa face is off by one square. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to slip stitch back to the first chain, then chain 2 to start your next row. You stop doing the chain 5 to start a row. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for the written pattern addition! HUGE help for me, I tried when you first posted but got frustrated with trying to count squares and gave up (I have horrible eyesight). Anywho, thanks! <3

I love this and tried to start it today. But I have questions. If you chain 5 instead of 6 do you do the first hdc in the 3rd chain? Then when you chain 2, do you only do two hdc in the chain 5 space? Thanks and my apologies if I overlooked this instruction.

Hi Bearie1,
When you chain 6 and double crochet 3 from the hook, those three act as one of the double crochet. So when you do half double crochet, you only need 2 chains to act as your half double crochet. Therefore, you chain five and start 2 from the hook and still half double crochet 3.

I hope this helps!

I have not crochet for a long long time but looking at your work, I am inspired to pick up crochet again.:) I just wish I have more time. Lol

WOW only just found this….had lost my crochet mojo! ha ha, but this has inspired me again THANK YOU going to go sort through stash and join in……great idea xxx

I am having trouble with the white puff on the Santa hat and then the red start up the hat from there. I only have one little bobbin of gray and am using that for the bottom of the graph. Should I have more little bobbins?? I cant get the small color changes to look very good. I DID look at the Crochet Crowd videl?? Can anyone help??

You’ve inspired me to try this style of crochet! You’ve also inspired me to create a Halloween graphghan in the same 3×3 photo square pattern :) super excited to complete them. Seems like a lot of fun!

what a great idea, I have been struggling with character afghans for years, this opens up a whole new world for me! Thank you thank you thank you

love this and want to make it. Must order the yarn, would be very helpful if we know approx. how much of each colour. I have looked through all the instructions and made a list, but the squares to come? When you say get two balls of each main colour is that just for that square or for the whole project? Love your work , please help?

I love this Santa, but I don’t really see what to do for the pattern. I see something about half double crochets and chains? Can you tell me what to do to make a pixel?

Hi Lucille, maybe I can help?

This project is based on the traditional Corner 2 Corner pattern (C2C). You can find this pattern on-line or video tutorials on YouTube. I recommend the Crochet Crowds tutorial.

So, this pattern is based off of that. I recommend that you become familiar with the pattern first.

This Santa square and all the Xmas ones simply guide you as to when and where to change colour so as to achieve the image. This is a Graph-ghan pattern as such where each little box within the graph is a single stitch, or in the case of C2C stands as a cluster ( group of 4 stitches which each pixel or box is made up of.)

hope this helps


Since some of us don’t know how to do the C2C method it would be great if you would write out ll the instructions for your first pattern the santa. Jennifer’s instructions only make sense if you know how to do this kind of crochet. Rather than sending me to google to do a search, hoping I find what I’m suppose to, then to another page like a dictionary to learn how to do C2C, then flipping back to this website , full written instructions would be awesome and save a whole lot of time. You’re assuming we all know how to do corner to corner crochet. So would you be willing to just write out the instructions. Step 1….step 2…etc. etc. I need official standard pattern written instructions, so I don’t have to wild goose chase the technique then come back. 😀 Thanks. Full written instructions on THIS page would save a whole lot of time.

This is wonderful! I’m trying desperately to figure it out. Can you show the first couple color changes so I see how to do it? I’m in the Facebook group, but haven’t gotten the feedback I need. Any help would be appreciated 😉

Maybe I am just inept, but how do I save the download? I don’t get the usual “save it” icon, and nothing seems to work. My printer is broken, so I can’t print them off….and I am up to my elbows with Christmas gifts to make so I can’t just make it now. Any help would be appreciated. (I know it has a link to a download thing, but I do not want to have another bar permanently on my screen.)

I know you said to chain5 instead of 6 but do you still crochet in the 4th chain from hook or in 3rd chain from hook so there’s still 2 remaining? Does anybody know??

I know that you chain 5 instead of 6 but do you still crochet in the 4th chain from hook or in the 3rd so that there are still 2 chains in the end? Anybody know??!!

Great blanket but I’ve ripped it out numerous times at the decrease. I’m off by one square. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So frustrated I’ve finally ripped it completely. I really want to do this. I start the decrease on row 26.

This is great looking but is called mini C2C and I have been doing it for over a year now. All you are doing is reducing the size of the square with is so helpful on many of these large afghans. Thanks for showing it to all that are interested.

This is adorable. I am new to crocheting learning through the internet from wonderful, talented people like yourself. I can do the basic stitches so when I work up the confidence to try starting this everybody is going to love this. Thank you sharing your talents and encouragement.

I am at row 26 but confused I did final 3grey on this row now have 2 blocks left how do I continue to row 27

Any help would be grateful

Being left handed, can you follow these charts and read them the same way or will they work backwards? Any tips for a lefty!?!? Thanks

Any ideas on how to make this without using C2C? I haven’t learned it yet and I’m a little intimidated by it. Wondering if there’s a way to make it with a “pixel” look without C2C? Thanks