Cardboard Box Car

Both of the boys woke up EARLY this morning with bad colds so I immediately new we would be having a “lounge around in our pajamas” kind of day. I wanted to do something fun for them so they could get their mind off being bored and feeling yucky. We’ve had a Pampers Diaper box (132 count) sitting in our mudroom for a couple days and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make them a box car!

My husband works for Subaru so of course this had to be a Subaru cardboard box car. First I trimmed the edges into the shape of a car (including the spoiler on the back!). Then we painted it with my sons Melissa and Doug Poster Paint Color: Blue. I worked on the body while big brother painted the headlights.

After the paint was dry, we glued on paper plates for wheels and one for the steering wheel. The horn is a round piece of cardboard. A little longer to let the glue dry and then we hit the highway! They took turns driving cross country on our US road map rug :o)



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    Very cute! My boys often play in boxes, but they would surely love really making it look like a car! This is simpler and more "helper-friendly" than some others I've seen- I like that! :) Happy to have found you and to be your newest follower!

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    Thanks Sky! I was hoping someone would catch on to the fact that this is such a simple little car made from a diaper box that I'm sure most mama's with little ones already have! I am following you now as well :o) Love linking up with other moms of boys!

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    Okay- so stinkin' adorable. My little man would love this. Coming over from Show and Share link up. Glad to find you- new follower.

    Creative and Curious Kids!

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    Wow…such a great idea, and you know we all have tons of those diaper boxes around! I just hate throwing them away, because I feel like I can use them for something (they're good boxes). This is a great idea!


  5. Melanie says

    When your boys are older, you can use this idea again. When my boys were 8 and 11, we had "Drive-in Movie" parties for them. Each guest made and brought their own car (it had to be big enough to sit in comfortably since they had to sit in their car for the movie). We set up the "refreshment stand" with drive-in type foods, etc and popped a new rented movie into the vcr. Everybody had a blast!!

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