Elmo Pop-Up Card

Both of my boys are having birthdays next month so I already have birthday crafts on my mind. Today I made an Elmo Pop-Up card for little brothers 1st birthday. I will be mailing it to the Sprout Channel in hopes of getting him an on-air birthday wish! But I thought I would share with you this easy tutorial on how I made it in case you want to make your own for a little boy or girl :o)

– Large piece of red poster board (at least 14 x 10 inches)
– 1 piece of white card stock
– 1 piece of orange card stock
– Black Sharpie pen
– Glue
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Elmo template (download it HERE)

Fold your red poster board in half and use Elmo template to trace and cut out your card. The flat top is where the fold goes.

Cut out 2.5 inch circles for the eyes with the white card stock and a 3 x 2.25 oval out of orange card stock for the nose. Use the black sharpie to draw on mouth and eyeballs.

Measure and make a mark approx. 1.25 inches away from each end of top fold and 1.5 inches deep. Cut two slits. This will create the pop-up.

Glue eyes so they are slightly overlapping and nose slightly overlapping the bottom of eyes. When dry, glue eyes/nose combo so that it covers the top notch on the front of the card.

Now glue a picture or message to the pop-up fold! Here is what mine looks like:

Update: I have had a lot of request for the inside image. So I created a PDF printable of the one you see in this picture for a first birthday and second birthday! You can download it here:

I will also add a personal message and picture to the top and bottom of card before mailing it!



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      No unfortunately it didn't make it on TV but I just re-read the rules (as I'm getting ready to create this years card!) and it turns out your sproutlet has to be between the ages of 2-6. My little guy was only turning 1 when I sent this in. Crossing my fingers for this year!

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    Great Card. Thank so very much for sharing.It's my granddaughter's birthday and she loves Elmo, so I am looking forward to attempting this one. Lynne from OZ

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