Valentine’s Candy Crochet Bags

Ok, it was officially a bad idea to wait till the last minute to make valentine’s for my son’s Valentine’s Day party. Somebody please remind me to plan ahead for next year! But I think these cute little crochet candy bags were worth the work this weekend. I just love how they turned out! And I hope the kids like them too :) They are filled with Hershey Kisses but after the candy is eaten, they can use them to store all their little treasures. My son counted out 10 kisses for each bag and filled each one himself. I think he is getting excited to hand them out!

I followed Creative Jewish Mom’s gelt bag pattern with a couple little tweaks. To make the bottom wider, I started with one round of dc’s and the next round of hdc’s. Then made the bag shorter by doing a continuous sc’s from rows 5-12 (instead of 16 rows). I chained 60 for the tie and used red heart buttons for a nice finish on the ends. The tags were made by first printing out the message (with each child’s name) on card stock and then cutting it with my Cricut. I actually think this would work better if you had a circle punch since it is hard to line up the printed words with the Cricut cutter.

These could be made in many different colors for many different occasions. I am already thinking about halloween party candy bags!

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO



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    These are soo adorable.. love that they are such sweet reusable bags for V-day! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

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      Thank you Cheryl! I am so sorry I didn't already have your button displayed. I am out of town but think I was able to successfully add it from my phone. Yours is first in line on my sidebar. Thank you!!

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    Hi all,

    Can some one help me out I am new here, I would like to know were to find the pattern for the candy bags? I am also kind of curious as to what a link party is. Thanks and God Bless.



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    I too am wondering about what a link party is. Also. I was wondering if after starting the double crochets (round 1) and then 1/2 hdc (round 2), if rounds 3 and 4 are done as per pattern? Thanks, Joelle

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