DIY Gift Wrap Station

Way before I started blogging about my crafts, I was dying to make a gift wrap station. But I always felt a little intimidated by this project. When I found out this weeks material was wood in the One Crafty Contest, I knew it was time to step it up and take this project off the back burner. And let me tell you, if I can make this, you can do it too!

This gift wrap station is the ultimate space-saving solution made on a budget! I am able to keep all my essential items in one place and with the never-ending birthdays, baby showers, and holidays, gift preparation is easy now that everything is at arms reach. This station holds 5 rolls of wrapping/craft paper, has a rack for tissue paper, 5 hooks to hang bags and bows, 3 ribbon stackers made from dowel rods and styrofoam circles, boxes for cards and mason jars for confetti and other decorations. Finally gift giving is less stressful now that all my supplies are organized and located in one place!

Here is what I used:

– Try Ply Underlayment wood- 48″x47 3/4″
– 1″x2″ piece of douglas fir wood – 96″ long
– 5 Dowel rods – 5/16″x48″
– 10 cup hooks
– 5 Adhesive plastic hooks
– Two D Ring Hooks (enough to hold 50 – 100lbs)
– Behr white paint
– 4 metal brackets

The wood, including dowel rods, D hooks, and brackets only cost me $19.58! I had the cup hooks and plastic hooks at home. I did have to buy the paint, but am now thinking I could have probably used paint we already had at home but for some reason I was set on making it white. Most store bought wall organizers cost upwards of $80-$150 for the basic models, so this project is definitely budget friendly!

Now before I go on, just let me mention that I do wish I had purchased thicker wood other than the underlayment (especially for the shelves). But I will leave that up to you.

I purchased my supplies from Home Depot and they cut all my wood to the size I needed (for FREE)! Half the work was done for me by the time I got home!

First, The Underlayment was cut to 35″ x 48″ which left the perfect amount for two 32″ long x 6.5″wide shelves to be cut from the leftovers.

Then, the 1×2 was cut in half to make two 48″ long frame edges.

I nailed the 1×2’s onto the sides of the underlayment then got to painting all my pieces.

You will want to attached your D ring hooks to the back side before screwing in the cup hooks. This is how you will hang it on your wall.

Then go ahead and screw in your cup hooks. I placed them approx. 5″ apart starting from the bottom. You will need to drill a small hole to get started and then twist the cup hooks in place.

At this point I hung it on my wall and then decided to put up the shelves. It was a good thing we did it this way because the brackets had to be screwed through the underlayment and into the wall. This is why I mentioned earlier that you may want a bigger piece of wood. The underlayment is just a little too thin to screw into. My hubby helped me with this part :o)

Now cut your dowel rods so they rest along the cup hooks (about 37″ long). Do not discard the leftover dowel rod, this will be your ribbon stacker!

Stick the leftover dowel rod into a styrofoam circle and viola! You have a ribbon stacker! It really can’t get any easier than that :o)

As an afterthought, I added two more cup hooks and used another small leftover piece of dowel rod, to hang my tissue paper.

Lastly, stick your adhesive hooks along the bottom to create a place to hold gift bags and bows! Even though they had adhesive backs, I ended up hot gluing them on for a better hold.

Now you are ready to organize your gift wrap. I used mason jars to hold things like buttons and confetti, boxes to hold cards and tags, and a pencil holder for my scissors.

This lovely gift wrap station sits in our laundry room/craft room on the left hand side of the wall by the door. It is out of sight for those who are just walking by, but conveniently located for me when I am at my craft table. 

This is what the laundry/craft room looks like. The gift wrap station is located to the left of the door opening.

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    Love it Sarah!!! Gosh I wish I could have a wrap station!! I have all my wrapping stuff in bins. But they are identified hehe

    Thanks for sharing at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

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    Oh, very nice. This is a project I think I will have to to tackle this summer. You make it look so easy, too. I thought they would cut the wood at hone depot but every time I ask my husband if w can just have the wood cut before we take it home, he always says they don't do that. Hmm, I think there may be a little male pride there. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wow, looks great and soooo organized! And so much simpler than I thought it would be. If you're ever looking for another place to share your crafty ideas, join us over at Etcetorize. Party starts later tonight, would love to see you there!

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    This looks so nice!! We need to do something like this! We appreciate you linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you'll come back soon! -The Sisters

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