Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pool Noodle Telescope

Ahoy there, Mateys! Come aboard and take a look through my pirate telescope!
We have become pirate fans this past month.

There is a show on Disney Junior called Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We haven't actually watched an entire show, but there are two pirate musicians that go by the names of Sharky and Bones who show up in animated form in each episode. Then between shows the two show up in their live-action forms, and perform an original song. This is the part we watch (or just youtube over and over again)! They have catchy little pirate-themed tunes that we like to dance and singalong to.

Here is one of our favorites:

And another favorite:

Ironically, Sharky and Bones are played by Loren Hoskins and Kevin Hendrickson who were members of a family-oriented "pirate rock" band in Portland, Oregon. We LIVE in Portland, Oregon!!!! Why am I just now discovering these guys? I wish I would have known about them before they became big Disney stars and were performing their local concerts. ARGGGGHHH!!

So my boys have pirate hats that I found at Target for $2 each. And then when I was looking at my leftover pool noodle pieces from my latest craft project (pool noodle tic tac toe), I thought, hey, these would make great telescopes!

They are super simple to make and so much fun to role play with! I mentioned before, that pool noodles cut like butter. So I took a 12" piece of pool noodle (you can buy these at the Dollar Store) and a 2" round cookie cutter, and twisted the cookie cutter into one end of the noodle.

When it couldn't go any father, I used a bread knife to cut the outside part of the noodle off. Make sure you cut it where the cookie cutter sits. The cookie cutter will stop the knife from cutting any deeper than needed.

I kept twisting and cutting until I had about a 3" inches of skinny noodle sticking out.

At this point you pretty much have your telescope! Easy, right? I decorated mine with black electrical tape around the ends and used a sharpie to draw on a skull and bones.

If you want, you can do a reverse cut on the other end. Twist your cookie cutter in, but instead of cutting the outside of the noodle, cut along the inside. This proved difficult and unnecessary. But have at it if you'd like :o) Here is what the other end looks like.

Now all hands on deck! Grab a noodle and make your own pirate telescope!

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  1. Oh what a cutie, and what a cute idea. Glad you linked up to the pool noodle party. Do you mind adding our link so others can find the party too. It has been fun seeing all the unique uses of a noodle.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Debbie! I had the link on my Tic Tac Toe post, but forgot to add it to this one. Done and Done!

  2. So creative! My little guy would love this!

  3. This is so cool!!! My guy is almost 16, but I can imagine he would have LOVED something like this. It's great!!! Thanks so much for sharing =)

  4. This is AWESOME!!! What a fun idea - my son is going to LOVE making this!! Thanks so much for linking it up to TGIF - I will be featuring this next week on TGIF =-)

    If you have a moment I'd love your vote in Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling blogs ( - Thanks!!

  5. Great idea! I have some little pirate lovers at my house that would love a telescope!

  6. So cool! I know many little pirates who will love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. that is totally awesome. my son is currently obsessed with telescopes - which is funny because he can't say the word properly yet. And he'd love this, but pool noodles in the UK aren't hollow. They are solid. I will have to keep looking to see if I can find one. Although I did notice that foam pipe lagging at the hardware store is hollow. that might work. Thanks for the great tut

  8. My grandsons would love this! Thanks for sharing at our linky party!

  9. OMG! I love this or should I say my son will as soon as I make him one, it might even top my pool noodle craft on his list of favorites. Thanks!


  10. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!

  11. Oh my- these are PERFECT!!! You are So Good girl!! Love this idea!

  12. Om my goodness. My boys are going to love me a million times more when I make these spyglasses! I love having you at Wednesday Whatsits and all the cool stuff you share each week. I'm giving you the versatile blogger award.

  13. OMG Sarah, this is AWESOME!!! You are so incredibly clever! :D