Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fireman, Fire Dog, Fire Truck Halloween Costume

I am determined to put my kids in coordinating Halloween costumes until the time comes when they refuse to do such things.

Last year they were Batman and Robin :)

This year, big brother said he wanted to be a fireman for Halloween so that immediately meant that little brother was to be his fire dog :) Conveniently we already had a fireman outfit in our dress up bin so I only needed to purchase a dalmation costume for my little guy. I toyed with thought of DIYing it with a crochet hat and white shirt with felt spots....but then I saw a super cute little plush dalmatian puppy costume at Pottery Barn Kids and I couldn't resist!

Now we needed a fire truck! Their two-seater wagon was the perfect canvas. I used a large cardboard box and cut it up into two truck shapes for either side. I used scrap pieces to make the ladder. Big brother helped paint everything. I used chalkboard contact paper for the black hose and printed out a fire department logo to make it official :)

They got in costume yesterday and took their truck out for a test drive! With all the rain, there were no fires to fight, but they make a good team! They are more than ready for an evening of trick or treating :)


  1. What a clever Mom! Very cute.

  2. I love it. You rock. I love everything you do!


  3. I agree...coordinate the costumes for as long as you can! My boys are going to be Mario and Luigi (a repeat from last year) and two years ago they were Diego and Baby Jaguar :) Love your boys' costumes and the fire truck is an awesome idea!

  4. You are fantastic. I admire your incredible creativity!

  5. This might just be the cutest thing I have ever seen!

  6. This is so adorable! How did you attach the cardboard to the wagon?