Milk Bottle Penguins

Sometimes I take the boys to McDonald’s. Mostly because they have a large play structure in an enclosed space. I actually get to sit for a minute while they play and burn off some energy. It’s a win/win. One day I happened to notice the cute little shape of the milk jugs that come with the Happy Meals. I saved a couple of them and today I turned them into little penguins! But not only are they just cute little penguins, I filled one with rice, one with sugar and one with beads and instantly they became sensory bottles!…. or maybe something more along the lines of a maraca :) Either way, little brother really enjoyed them :)
To make the penguins, I painted the body with black acrylic paint. Then cut the nose and feet out of a yellow foam sheet. I used pieces of black felt for the wings and added on goggly eyes. The hats are a piece of felt wrapped around the top and tied with a twisted pipe cleaner. I used my hot glue gun to make sure everything was glued on tight.
Here is my little guy having some fun shaking the penguins!


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