Love Bug Valentine

Here is another idea for a simple valentine! This little ladybug is made of construction paper with chalkboard contact paper for the note writing area. This means you can write and erase your note multiple times! Wouldn’t this be cute in your child’s lunch box each day of February?! Or why not leave your sweetheart different notes throughout the day on Valentine’s Day :)

Here is what you need:
Red construction paper
Large black button
2 Wiggly Eyes from
Black marker
Chalk ink pen
Small brad
Hot glue gun
First you will need to cute out 3 circles. I traced around a spool of ribbon to do this. One circle will be out of the chalkboard paper, and the other two out of red construction paper. Cut one of your circle in half. This will be the ladybug wings. Stick your chalkboard circle onto the construction paper circle.
Draw the spots (or hearts) on to the wings with your black maker. Go crazy and add some glitter if you like! Now assemble your bug. Poke your brad through the wings and the chalkboard circle. Wings should open and close. Hot glue the wiggly eyes onto the button and then the button onto the top of the brad. Now you can write your note! 
Happy Valentine’s Day!



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    Very cute lovebugs :-)!

    I would like to translate your owl-granny-square into swedish on my blog… is that ok with you? I will link to your originalpattern of course :-)! // Erica

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