DIY Wood Buttons

Our house backs up to a gorgeous natural wooded green space with hiking trails and creek. It was one of the selling points of this house for us!

But this time of year the trees and shrubs start to grow like weeds and so we had to do a little trimming of overgrown branches. Looking at some of the cut branches gave me an idea: Wood Buttons! One of the cut branches was a perfect round 3/4″ and it had the most gorgeous bark around the edge. I love the way homemade buttons can add a real organic feel to crocheted hats and other craft projects. 

I had my hubby cut about 1/4″ pieces off the branch. He used a handheld Makita saw and then switched to a circular saw. 
Then he drilled two holes (which I pre-marked with a pencil) with a 1/16″ drill bit.

Then I sanded the buttons with a combination of 220 and 150 grit sandpaper. I sanded the edges to get some of the moss/dirt off, but still left a nice dark wood edge.
Then I rubbed a little bit of Linseed Oil (although you could use tung oil, regular cooking oil, natural beeswax, or leave them plain!) over the buttons to create nice wood stain. I also left a couple of them raw as I liked the light wood as well.
I love the way my buttons look on these Button Flap Beanie crocheted hats! Pattern is by Alli Crafts and you can find it HERE



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    Its a little difficult, to do this, living in downtown Tucson AZ but im sure my dad would enjoy making some of these , for me, back home in Kentucky! Thanks for this simple tutorial!!

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    Super cute! I am doing this when I come back home to visit in July!(I'm a born and raised Washingtonian! But, currently live in GA, my parents live up on Camano Island!)I just love all of your creations!!

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    I love the idea. We're in the countryside and we have some of good little branches cut from time to time from my grannie's backyard. Last time, I cut them like blocks for my toddler to play on. But he doesn't like to. So, I guess next time, I can make something like this. 😉

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