Yarn Wrapped Letters for Baby’s Room

Last September I made Yarn Wrapped Letters for Fall and I just loved how they turned out! The project started out with a craft fail and then turned into one of my favorite projects to date. Shortly after I made them, a friend asked if I would make a set for her baby girl (see picture at the bottom of the post) and I loved how they turned out as well. So as soon as I became pregnant again, I knew I was going to have to make a set for my baby as well!

I started out with lowercase craft alphabet cardboard letters from Paper Source. Unfortunately I have some bad news. Apparently Paper Source has discontinued their lowercase cardboard letters :( But they will still carry the uppercase letters and last time I checked they still have some lowercase left on their website and in stores. You can also find cardboard letters at craft stores like Michaels. 
First, wrap the letters in yarn. You will need your glue gun with plenty of extra glue sticks. Start on an edge. I like to save the side ends for last. Also make sure you start the yarn on the back of the letter so you don’t end up seeing a frayed yarn end on the front. You will need to glue the first 3-5 rows down (depending on the letter shape). I used a lot of hot glue on the “Z” because it had so many angles. I used barely any glue on the “O” because I was able to wrap the yarn around tightly without it falling off or leaving gaps. I also need to mention that I love this new Surebonder 6100 Clear Glue Gun Pad, 8-Inch by 8-Inch
I bought from Amazon. It protects your work surface and the glue gun drips peal right off!
Here are my letters after they were wrapped in yarn.
Next I added some fun flower embellishments using felt and burlap. 
The rosettes are very easy to make!
Start with a circle of felt (larger circle for larger rosettes). Then cut the circle into a spiral. Starting in the center, roll up the spiral and use dabs of hot glue here and there to keep it secure.
I cut out a daisy shaped flower out of felt as well as leaves. I used a tapestry needle and 2-ply yarn (separate your 4-ply yarn) to stitch around the edges of the flower and leaves. The felt leaves were glued to burlap shaped leaves to give an extra dimension. 
When you have finished all of your embellishments, hot glue them to the front of your yarn wrapped letters.
Here are some close-ups.

Next, I mounted them on 8×10 frames. I discarded the glass and mod podged burlap on to the back of the frame (the cardboard part). I purchased my burlap HERE and found the frames at Michaels craft store (be sure to bring your Michaels coupons! These frames only cost me a couple dollars after using my coupons!). You can also find burlap in most craft and fabric stores.
When the burlap dries, you can hot glue your letters to the center of the frames.
But first I added a little extra touch. I used sheer pink wire ribbon to make a bow. I hot glued the ends to the back of the frame. You will NOT hang the frames from the bow. There is not enough support. This is just for decoration.
You will want to hang the frames from the hardware provided, or attach extra secure mounting hardware for peace of mind. I taped the top of the bows to the wall with some heavy duty double sided tape. But I would like to get some command strips so I don’t completely ruin the walls.

Now hang your letters in the nursery!

This is still little brothers room and this is his crib. Zoe will have big brothers old crib which is white. I will take better pictures when I put her room together!

Here are the letters I made from my friends baby Jane (they call her Janey). The butterfly is my favorite!

And if you missed it, here are my Yarn Wrapped Letters for Fall
I hope I have inspired you to create your own yarn wrapped letters!


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    I find your letters lovely. And I understand that your babygirl's name will be Zoe? Here in the Netherlands we almost never tell the name of our baby to be born. For a couple of years ago we didn't even know if it was a boy or a girl. And if we knew than we didn't tell. I wish you a good pregnancy. Sandra

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    oh I love this!!! I need to do this for my living room!!!! It would be adorable over the couch, or under a family photo I think!!! So many great idea's!!!! thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. says

    My daughter's name is Arabella, so it will take me a while to finish all those letters but more colors to work with so it's going to be fun. Thank you for the inspiration! <3

    P.S. she will probably be 6 months by the time I'm done Lolol she is 4 months now. 😛

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    I remember your fall letters and LOVED them. But I think the girly colors are even cuter! I showed this to my daughter and she loved them too. I'd just told her the day before that I wanted to put her name on her wall – Now I know how to execute that idea. Pinned! Gotta do this soon!

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    You can find whatever shapes you want to use in childrens colouring books, the black and white pictures provide an ideal template when glued onto card.

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    I love this idea! I am new to crafting but your idea inspired me to try this myself. I wonder how many yards of burlap fabric would I need for 6 frames and leave shapes?

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    Hi Joanne I love reading your posts. In fact I suggested to my family that we're gonna order in from Famous Larry's tomorrow night. Some comments about the hard crust concern me a bit, as it'll probably be an hour after the pizza's cooked before we can enjoy the chow. Anyway great blog and keep up the good work!

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