Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crochet Snake Pattern

Summer is a good season to whip up some quick amigurumi projects. These crocheted snakes are simple to make and fun for the kids to play with! I made them with one of my favorite brands of yarn: Red Heart with Love. I love the soft texture of the yarn and vibrant colors. The variegated colors are perfect for a snake body.

- Red Heart with Love yarn in these colors: Waterlily, Violet, Beachy and Iced Aqua
You can purchase all of these colors at
- Size H Crochet Hook
- 6mm Safety Eyes
- Poly-fil stuffing
- Red felt
- Stitch marker
- Tapestry needle

Magic Ring = Tutorial HERE
SC = Single Crochet
SC decrease = Single Crochet Decrease (I used the Invisible SC Decrease)

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Crochet Snake Pattern
Size: 20" long (from head to tail), 1.5" wide body, 2" wide head

Starting with your variegated yarn...
Magic ring, chain 1, make 4 SC in magic ring, continue to SC in rounds (use stitch marker if needed)
Round 2: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next, repeat around (6 SC)
Round 3-5: SC in each stitch around (6 SC)
Round 6: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 2, repeat around (8 SC)
be sure to stuff with poly-fil as you go!
Round 7-9: SC in each stitch around (8 SC)
Round 10: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 3, repeat around (10 SC)
Round 11-13: SC in each stitch around (10 SC)
Round 14: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 4, repeat around (12 SC)
Round 15-17: SC in each stitch around (12 SC)
Round 18: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 5, repeat around (14 SC)
Round 19-69: SC in each stitch around (14 SC) 
I singled crocheted 50 continuous rounds but you can make your snake as long or short as you like.
change to solid color yarn... 
Round 70: SC in each stitch around (14 SC)
Round 71: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 6, repeat around (16 SC)
Round 72: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 7, repeat around (18 SC)
Round 73: 2 SC in first stitch, SC in next 8, repeat around (20 SC)
Round 74-75: SC in each stitch around (20 SC)
Round 76: SC Decrease, SC in next 8, repeat around
Round 77: SC in each stitch around (18 SC)
Round 78: SC Decrease, SC in next 7, repeat around
Round 79: SC in each stitch around (16 SC)
Stop here to add safety eyes and stuff
Round 80: SC Decrease, SC in next 6, repeat around
Round 81: SC in each stitch around (14 SC)
At this point you want to SC Decrease until closed, BUT right before its completely closed, cut a small tongue out of felt and sew the end shut with the tongue sticking out of it.

*** You may make and sell products from my patterns but if you do I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy and post this pattern and claim it as your own. Please do not re-publish photos as your own.***

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  1. What gauge needle did you use?

  2. Hey thanks for the cute pattern just one promblem... As i was making the snake i noticed my snake was coming out stiff instead of flexible... It cant bend or curl up like yours.. Any suggestions ? Please reply back thanks ;)

    1. What yarn are you using? Also, be sure to loosely stuff the body. Hope that helps!

  3. This is just so cute I can't help but try and make them. They're darling even if they are snakes!
    Thank you, Betty Radcliffe

  4. Oh these snakes are so much fun!!! I crocheted them last summer, one of them is here:

  5. Saw these on your Facebook today - so, SO adorable!! Great work!!

  6. Thanks for the pattern. I was looking for something for my grandson. This will do it. Thanks.

  7. Tank you!! Muy lindo!! alos niños les va a encantar !!

  8. Thank you for sharing your stuff!

  9. Hi sweetheart! have such a beautiful blog.I have followed your blog for a little while noe and I would like to keep reading your post and all of your fabulous projects you always have to share.Thank you for that too.My concern is if you are thinking to go to Blogloving or any other tool for us to read all your wonderful post.Thank you so much for always sharing,love your blog.

    Xo,Xo,Xo..........Happy 4th of July. :) ..........Luna - My Crochet,Mis Tejidos

  10. Cute! I love amigurumi. I'm so making these.

  11. My son't nickname is Snake, so I can't help buy make one for him! I am sure his 2 kiddos will love playing with it! Thanks for the pattern.. Blessings..

  12. Snakes are definitely on the brain for me considering I nearly ran one over on our early morning bike ride today. He wasn't nearly half as cute as these guys! ;-)

    The Thinking Closet

  13. What cute little snakes! Thanks for the pattern I can think of a few little boys that will LOVE them.:)

  14. Sarah these snakes are so cute! Thanks for the pattern! :D

  15. so creative! I would make these--just gotta figure out crocheting!

  16. This is so perfect considering I live in Alaska and I had never seen a snake (in person) until this June when I went to Georgia to visit family. While I was there a 4 year old little girl saw me crocheting something and asked if I could make a snake. I'm going to make one of these and send it to her!

  17. Congrats on your shout out from Red Heart yarns! Way to go. I love your blog and patterns, everything is so fresh. Thanks for sharing with us!

  18. Do you hapen to have a snake hat pattern? My grandson wants a "snake hat" Thanks