Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to make T-shirt Yarn

One of my best friends came to stay with us over the weekend and she showed up with a fun little craft project for us to do together. She showed me how to make t-shirt yarn and then how to finger weave a necklace! It was very simple and the possibilities of what you can do with the t-shirt yarn is endless. I can't wait to think up more t-shirt yarn projects.

First things first. You need be a little bit picky about what kind of t-shirt you choose to cut up to make your yarn. You want to make sure that your t-shirt DOESN'T have a seam up the sides (running from the armpit to the bottom of the shirt). You also want to avoid having a printed logo/picture on your shirt. Both of these will leave your yarn lumpy and uneven.


Now that you have picked out a suitable t-shirt for your yarn, lay it flat and cut off the bottom seam and the top portion, right under the armpits. Discard the top and bottom portions. You will not use these.

Fold what is left of the t-shirt in half but leave about an inch hanging over as in picture below:

Now cut your shirt into about 1 inch strips, STOP cutting right after the first edge. 

You will not cut all the way through the shirt. See picture below on where to stop cutting. Cuts don't need to be perfect so don't stress about it.

Now unfold your strips and start to open up the end of the shirt where it is still connect. Cut diagonally from the end of one cut to the other. Follow where I have marked the arrows in the picture.

When you are done you should have a long strip of t-shirt that looks like this:

Starting with one end, pull the strip through your hand and give it a little stretch. This will cause the edges of the shirt to curl in, making a rounder, stringy yarn.

Be sure to wind your yarn into a ball and you're ready to use it!

You can absolutely crochet with your t-shirt yarn, but check the blog tomorrow for a tutorial on how to make this finger weave necklace! No crochet skills needed :)


  1. Fabulous! L-O-V-E this. I can't wait for the tutorial, thank you!

  2. Fun! I'm going to try it out. Can't wait for the tutorial!

  3. I going to practice that cutting out part on one of my husband's tees in the rag bin!

  4. Excellent idea, would love to see tutorial and or patterns!

  5. Looks awesome! I like the wooden beads on the side ��

  6. Love this idea. Is it best to use 100% cotton??? Or a 50/50 poly blend??? Thanks a bunch.

  7. Fantastic idea! I have to find same old Tshirt :))

  8. This is so so fantastic. I will do this today. I have 2 or 3 old t-shirts and they are wasting in a bin.
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  9. Thank-you for the really clear directions.

  10. This looks like it would be a great summer project to do with my girls! Thanks so much!