Baby Sock Coin Purse

How fun, cute, and functional are these baby sock coin purses?! They take no time at all to make and they would be great gifts, baby shower favors, or just a perfect accessory for your purse. A nice place to put loose change, lip gloss, a house key, trinkets, and more! With so many sock designs to choose from, you could really personalize it as well.

Here is what you will need:
– Small Coin Purse Metal Frames. The smallest you can find are best. Mine are 2 1/2 x 1 1/4 inch
– Baby Socks. I used 6-18 months size.
– Sewing Needle
– Embroidery thread

Note: I want to mention that I felt like my purse frames were just slightly too big for the socks. If you can find smaller frames, get them! or a larger size sock would work well too.

You will want to start by cutting a slit on either side of the sock. 
Just long enough to reach where the hinge will sit (about and inch).

Open up your metal clasp and position one side of of the sock in the groove of one side of the metal frame. Sew your sock to the metal frame using your embroidery thread and sewing needle. Do the same for the other side of the sock/frame.
Knot and sew ends in securely. You can hide/sew loose ends under the metal frame. You will have a small hole on either side of the sock where the hinge is. I left it as is or you can choose to sew it to the hinge.

Gather your loose change and put your baby sock coin purse to good use!


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    What a nice idea! My baby is only 2 months old and he has already lost one sock. I can take your idea for using the other one.
    Thank you!

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    About 5 years ago I bought a twin pack of Spongebob and Patrick infant socks as an "it's adorable" impulse buy. I thought I could do this with them but quickly packed them and forgot. Now I'm going to finally do it! Thank you for showing me how! 😀

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