Furls Fiberarts Wooden Yarn Bowl Giveaway!

The good people at Furls Fiberarts have graciously offered to host another giveaway here at Repeat Crafter Me! This time they are giving one lucky winner one of these gorgeous Acacia Wood Yarn Bowls. I got the pleasure of taking one for a spin this past week :) And let me tell you, this yarn bowl has really saved me time and many hours of untangling and pulling at my skeins.

I have a habit of unraveling my yarn from outside which usually results in lots of tugging and pulling during the crocheting process. And more often then not, my skeins end up looking like a big tangled mess.

Is this a familiar sight in your house as well?
Well I am going to avoid tangled yarn like this forever. The Furls Wooden Yarn Bowl keeps your skein from bouncing, rolling, tangling, and gathering the dust from household surfaces. Many times I crochet in bed late at night and my skeins have a habit of rolling off and under the bed. Fishing my yarn out from under the bed is such a pain and a waste of energy. Now to save myself from all this headache, I use my Stanwood Needlecraft Yarn Ball Winder to make nice balls of yarn and pop them into my wooden yarn bowl to keep them safe and secure.
Treat yourself to one or buy as a gift for a friend and fellow crocheter! 
You can purchase the Furls Wooden Yarn Bowls HERE

Go to www.FurlsCrochet.com and check out their entire online store of goodies including these gorgeous Candy Shop Crochet Hooks and hand-crafted Wooden Crochet Hooks (also seen in the picture above), and a beautiful Crochet Hook Pendant.

OR enter to win a wooden yarn bowl using the Rafflecopter widget below:


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    I love furls!!! I am lookin forward to receive my new crochet hooks from furls i order them last week! all products are great!

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    Hi Sarah I am a fan of your work simple and beautiful :) I've been lazy to stop and follow your blog though; my excuse is that I am very busy I have 3 children too.

    Thanks to Furls and to you for the dreaming giveaway.
    Good luck to everyone

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