Crochet Snowman Pixel Graph


Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul! And he is square number 3 of my Crochet Christmas Character Afghan! If you are just joining in to this impromptu Crochet-along, that is ok! You aren’t far behind. I am creating 9 Christmas themed C2C crochet squares and when they are all finished, I will stitch them together into one large afghan!


You can find Square #1: Santa HERE


 and Square #2: Christmas Tree HERE


As I finish each square, I will post the graph and reveal the next character/image in the blanket. Feel free to work along with me!


I am using the corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. You can see my first C2C graphgan HERE that has a how-to video. But I am told that most people have success learning how to make a C2C afghan by following THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATION by The Crochet Crowd.

Each pixel graph in my blanket is 25×25 pixel squares. I used a size F (3.75mm) hook and worsted weight yarn. For this particular square I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice  in Little Boy Blue, White, Black, Terracotta Orange, Scarlett Red, and Fern Green.

VERY IMPORTANT: Instead of the traditional C2C method of using DC’s and chain 3’s to make each pixel, I used HDC’s and only chained 2 (and chained 5 instead 6 on the increase stitches). This allowed me to have a smaller overall afghan square, measuring approximately 15×15 inches. You can absolutely use the traditional method but your square will be much larger and your overall afghan will be much larger as well once you sew them all together. As is, my finished blanket will be big enough for a twin size bed… possibly even larger!

You do not have to use the C2C method either! You can take this graph and make a standard SC graphgan. This will produce nice small squares (think 25 single crochets wide and tall) that will be perfect for a standard size blanket. You could also make Pixel Granny Squares and use the graphs I post to create separate character blankets. There is also the Bobble Stitch method as well! So many ways to use these graphs!

CLICK HERE to download that Snowman Pixel Graph



I hope you are enjoying this series of pixel squares! Stay tuned for #4 coming soon!

Written pattern for the color changes by fellow crocheter and RCM follower, Claudia Melgar!


Row 1 – 1G
Row 2 – 2G
Row 3 – 3G 
Row 4 – 4G
Row 5 – 5G
Row 6 – 2G 2BL 1R 1G
Row 7 – 1G 1R 3BL 2G
Row 8 – 3G 3BL 1R 1G
Row 9 – 1G 2R 2W 1BL 3G
Row 10 – 3G 4W 1R 1BL 1G
Row 11 – 1G 2BL 5W 3G
Row 12 – 3G 6W 2BL 1G
Row 13 – 1G 1R 1BL 7W 3G
Row 14 – 3G 2W 1O 2W 1B 2W 2R 1G
Row 15 – 1G 2R 1W 1B 3W 1O 3W 3G
Row 16 – 4G 3W 1O 5W 1R 1BL 1G
Row 17 – 1G 2BL 1W 1B 3W 1O 4W 4G
Row 18 – 4G 4W 2O 5W 2BL 1G
Row 19 – 1G 1R 1BL 1W 1B 3W 2O 4W 1G 1B 3G
Row 20 – 4G 1B 5W 2O 5W 2R 1G
Row 21 – 1G 2R 5W 3O 1W 1B 2W 1B 5G
Row 22 – 5G 1BL 1B 1W 2B 1W 3O 2W 1B 2W 2R 1G
Row 23 – 3G 6W 2O 2W 1B 1W 1B 1BL 1B 5G
Row 24 – 5G 2B 1BL 1B 4W 1O 6W 4G
Row 25 – 4G 3W 1B 7W 1B 1BL 3B 5G 

///////////// START DECREASE //////////////
Row 26 – 4G 4B 1BL 1B 10W 4G
Row 27 – 3G 10W 1B 1BL 5B 3G
Row 28 – 2G 6B 1BL 1B 2W 1B 6W 3G
Row 29 – 3G 5W 2B 1W 1B 1BL 7B 1G
Row 30 – 1G 7B 1BL 1B 1W 1B 5W 3G
Row 31 – 3G 6W 1B 1BL 7B 1G
Row 32 – 1G 7B 1BL 1B 5W 3G
Row 33 – 3G 4W 1B 1BL 7B 1G
Row 34 – 1G 7B 1BL 1B 2W 4G
Row 35 – 5G 1B 1BL 7B 1G
Row 36 – 1G 3B 3LG 1R 1BL 1B 4G
Row 37 – 3G 1B 1G 1B 4LG 2B 1G
Row 38 – 1G 2B 3LG 2R 4G
Row 39 – 4G 1LG 5B 1G
Row 40 – 1G 4B 2LG 3G
Row 41 – 3G 1LG 1G 3B 1G
Row 42 – 1G 2B 1G 2LG 2G
Row 43 – 2G 1LG 2G 1B 1G
Row 44 – 3G 2LG 1G
Row 45 – 1G 1LG 3G
Row 46 to 49 ALL GREY

Need help with your C2C squares? Join my Repeat Crafter Me Crochet Facebook Group! Hundreds of fellow crocheters are also working on this project, asking good questions and getting great answers!



  1. Meagan says

    Any chance for that awesome girl that wrote out the graph/ color changes etc for the Santa is gonna do the same for the rest? It helped me immensely as im just learning to follow graphs!!

  2. Kathryn Dallal says

    How do you change your colors? I would love a video on how you change your colors in the C2C. It seems to stump me.

  3. Lynn Rowe says

    These are awesome, I am still trying to get up enough nerve to make C2C afghans for each of my grandsons . I have found pixels designs but need to adjust them so they work out rectangular. Guess time to get some graph paper and get my brain working…lol. Do you leave you balls joined and carry colours across when you change colours , or do you cut and rejoin as needed?

  4. Christine says

    Oh my goodness these are sooooo adorable!! I am going to start making my own right away! Thank you for posting the graphs.

    • says

      I ended up having to buy more on Amazon because I couldn’t find it in stores anymore (originally I got it from Michaels)! Honestly, if you have a similar color I would use that. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be getting discontinued!

      • Lynn says

        I can’t find Little Boy Blue anywhere either. Will it be needed in other squares? I’m going to try to order from Amazon. Almost finished with the Christmas Tree. These are all so cute!

  5. Bela says

    Sarah, I just love these squares. You have helped bring back my crotcheting “mojo” with this project. Thank you so very much !

  6. Lynne says

    Can you tell me if you have the written pattern instructions for the snowman square as you did with the previous two squares.

  7. pamela says

    Dear Sarah,
    Thanks for inspiring me to work on this. My Santa is going fine! I am not sure how to hide the lose ending lines (las lanas que sueltas). I hope to show you my work soon!!

    :) from Chile

  8. Mabel says

    I went to stock up on the Vanna’s Choice yarn (love it!) but I was wondering if one skein of each color is what you used? I did notice that for square 2 you noted to get two of each of the greens used. Thanks!

  9. Sol says

    Finshing square #1 . My first C2C project. So happy!!
    Do you believe we will have available the written pattern ? Help please Jennifer Heath-Rogers. Big Thank You both!! :)

  10. Jenny says

    I was just wondering what you use to make your graphs. This are so simple to follow and seem much easier than graphing by hand. I’m loving this CAL and can’t wait to see what other squares await for us. :)

  11. Doreen Grant says

    Thank you. I am loving these. I have never done a graphgan before and feel I have learned so much already.

  12. Jackie says

    I couldn’t find the little boy blue either, so I substituted loops and threads, Impeccable yarn in clear blue at Michael’s.

  13. Karen Current says

    I love these squares! I have made the first two in c2c and am now working on them in bobble. It’s very difficult for me to count the squares and am using the c2c completed pieces to use as a graph for the bobbles. For the c2c, I’ve been using the written version. Is there going to me a written version for the snowman? Thank you.

  14. Marina says

    My 10 year old daughter & I are doing the squares with you. & love them! I have the same question about how to properly do the color changes though? I carried some, but they show. Advice would be appreciated.

  15. Wanda says

    Hi Sarah! I love your site and all your beautiful creations. Do you happen to have the snowman translated? It would be a big help. I am trying to keep up with you but with a full time job I dont have as much time as I would like to crochet. Take care and continue Crocheting!


  16. joanholmes says

    what happened to the written graph directions for the snowman I have been following up with the squares and can not find the directions for the snow man love this so much

  17. Brenda says

    I have the written pattern for the santa, christmas tree, and the sleigh, but I can’t find it for the snowman . Am I over looking it ? If so tell me how I can find it . Thanks I am loving this afghan thanks for sharing

  18. Andra Mitchell says

    I’m trying to carry my yarn and not cut it, but I’m having a big problem with tangles when I turn my work….anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

  19. AOife o D says

    iv noticed with square3 snowman one that the graph finished picture and the writen pattern are all slightly different.

    in the finished square the snowmans backround is blue and hat has green trim in the written insturctions the backround is charted as grey and the scarf colours inverted as well as hat band being green.
    other than that amazing work i loved sqare 1 could do 100s of them

  20. Cynthia says

    is there anymore of these graphs? wold like to make all of them
    can only find the santa, tree, snowman and the elf

    thank you

  21. Lauren says

    I just finished the santa square and noticed a lot of these comments are very old…I would love to make this whole blanket, but there are only pixel graphs for the first 3….is there another place I need to be looking for the rest of them?

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